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What is PrimeSound.org

Music makes our lives better – it’s great to listen to it, but to create it is even greater. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional musician, a passionate enthusiast or just a beginner – Prime Sound will be your guide into the breathtaking world of musical instruments of all kinds!

We test, tell, show and explain the simplest and trickiest parts about sound, right accessories and products that fit your preferences. Here, you will find all you need to make the most beautiful music.

About Us

Why trust us?

Our search for the best products starts with finding the most relevant information about the best musical implements. Then we choose and test them. Our reviews contain a thorough investigation of every instrument’s spec and feature leaving no mystery of which is best behind. Whether you are choosing an instrument or an accessory for yourself, or as a gift to a fellow musician, we will lead your choice in the right direction.

Our team




In addition to being a private violin teacher, Alecia started writing music-related articles 3 years ago and has been enjoying this experience greatly. Loves quilting and scrapbooking in her free time.



Web Producer

Whatever the technical or SEO issue is, Edward is here to get the whole team’s back covered. Enjoys playing acoustic guitar when “nobody’s watching”.


Expert Consultant
Marcus has a vast experience in digital audio and sound design. Thanks to his knowledge, he actively helps musicians with technical problems, improving their audio quality and even promoting their tracks so that thousands of listeners could enjoy some really good music.


Content Manager

Luis has a genius for Photoshop and a number of other visual editors. Apart from that, he’s a fantastic guitar player and often takes part in our research.




Being a professional guitar player in a folk rock band, and having a large music background in general (Chris can also play piano, drums, and bass guitar), this man knows his business. Fond of cars, surfing, and beach music festivals.


Calls herself a melomaniac since she literally can’t live without a pair of earphones, whatever she’s doing: editing our articles, writing her own works as a freelance copywriter, or simply walking in a park (“my second favorite thing to do after listening to music” as Jane claims).



Runs her own photo studio and works as a freelance photographer for a couple of local newspaper. But most importantly, she’s the one responsible for all the stunning pictures you come across in our buying guides.

How we do it?

To completely be sure our advice won’t leave you disappointed, we gather data from reliable sources, consult main musical experts, try playing gizmos ourselves and, of course, let verified customers give us their honest feedback. Depending on the product’s category and difficulty of use, we can spend more than 30 hours on a well-thought through research.

Our experts meticulously test and tell and show and explain and play and explain some more to give the most comprehensive info on the product.

About Us

What products do we choose?

From the smallest of picks to largest of instruments we consider all product’s quality and relevance on the market. We gather products for all consumer’s needs, sorting them by levels, price range, fields of need. Beginners and professionals alike will get the most honest and thorough information about the instrument they desire to purchase.

We also consider products that will help you take care of your instruments, improve their looks and prolong their life.  And, as music lovers ourselves, we haven’t forgotten about sound changing, improving and silencing gadgets, that will fit solo players as well as the biggest of music bands.

Whichever music genre you prefer, here you will find categories of instruments, that will give a totally new sound to your favorite music, you’ll just need to make a choice of what suits your needs best.

About Us

Expert research

In our team, you will meet people with the most different tastes in music, various opinions on how each instrument can sound and what our readers will choose. Our experts meticulously test and tell and show and explain and play and explain some more to give the most comprehensive info on the product.

We consult the experts in the industry, profeccional musicians and specialists, and they are happy to share their knowlege and experience so we can provide you with the most up-to-date information.

We also ask people who’ve never played the instrument chosen, or used an accessory given to see through their eyes what more could we tell to make the information clearer.

About Us

Consumer feedback

Before making a desicion on what product to test and try, we carefully study customer feedback for hours. Our researchers read tons of reviews on different websites to find the most quality products. We always remember, though, that some reviews and comments can be faked or sponsored. So, we use special plug-ins and tools, like Fakespot for Amazon, to detect such unnatural feedback and avoid it.

Independent testing

Of course, we conduct our own tests to make sure the product is truly reliable. Our experts always check every musical item themselves before putting it on our final list.

Then we make a detailed report where we describe all pros and cons of the product we tested. Then we give them nominations and ratings depending on the results. If we don’t find the product good enough, we just won’t tell you about it.

About Us

Are we paid by the manufacturers?

We are not sponsored by any manufacturers and our reviews are totally unbiased. Our team of professionals can spot fake reviews and dishonest product descriptions with their eyes closed – no tricks will conceal the true quality of instruments we’ve reviewed. Our purpose is quite clear – we want more people to be familiar with the world of music, and we are ready to help any wanderer to find the pass in.

Haven’t found what you were looking for?

Each and every day new products fall into our field of view, new requests are coming up and new gadgets change the world of music. And as progressive team, we are determined to review them all to make your choice well-informed. If you’ve been looking for something specific, or just a category of instruments that is not yet present on our website, please, contact us through the special form or via e-mail and we promise you, that our honest reviews will enlighten the topic given and get your beat going on!

About Us