The Best Jokes About DJs for Guaranteed Giggles

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Last updatedLast updated: April 10, 2024
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Welcome to Prime Sound’s laughter lounge, where we turn up the humor with some of the funniest DJ jokes you’ve ever heard! Whether you’re a DJ, a music enthusiast, or just here for a good laugh, our collection of jokes will surely have you spinning with laughter.

1. “Why Did the DJ Cross the Road?” Section

  • Joke 1: Why did the DJ cross the road? To get to the “B-side”!
  • Joke 2: How does a DJ make a doorbell sound cool? He drops it!

2. “Turntable Tickle” Section

  • Joke 3: What do you call a DJ without a girlfriend? Homeless.
  • Joke 4: I told my DJ friend he was spinning his wheels. He took it as a compliment.

3. “Beat Drop Bloopers” Section

  • Joke 5: Why don’t DJs ever get locked out of their house? Because they always have the right key!
  • Joke 6: What’s a DJ’s favorite pasta? Synth-aghetti!

4. “Mixing Madness” Section

  • Joke 7: Why did the DJ break up with the vinyl? It kept skipping during the important conversations.
  • Joke 8: I asked my DJ friend how his gig went. He said, “I’m not sure, the feedback was mixed.”

5. “Scratch and Laugh” Section

  • Joke 9: What do DJs say when they’re shocked? “Oh my drop!”
  • Joke 10: How do DJs greet each other? “Hey, what’s up-beat?”

6. “Volume Humor” Section

  • Joke 11: Why was the DJ a good gardener? He knew how to turnip the beets!
  • Joke 12: What’s a DJ’s favorite mode of transportation? A subwoofer!

7. “DJ Dilemmas” Section

  • Joke 13: How can you tell if a DJ is well-balanced? They have a chip on both shoulders.
  • Joke 14: Why don’t DJs get seasick? Because they’re always dropping anchor.

8. “Cue the Laughter” Section

  • Joke 15: What do you call a DJ in a library? A master of shush!
  • Joke 16: Why did the DJ refuse to play cards? He was always dealing with a bad hand.

9. “Spin Doctors” Section

  • Joke 17: Why was the DJ a good doctor? He had the best patients for waiting for the drop.
  • Joke 18: What do you call a DJ snake? Hiss-torical!

10. “Bassline Banter” Section

  • Joke 19: What’s a DJ’s least favorite vegetable? Beats me!
  • Joke 20: How do you know if a DJ is vegan? Don’t worry, they’ll adjust the EQ to tell you.

11. “Record Riot” Section

  • Joke 21: Why do DJs love autumn? Because they can really ‘fall’ into the mix!
  • Joke 22: What did the DJ name his son? Eric… DJ Errrric!

12. “Fader Fun” Section

  • Joke 23: Why was the DJ a bad fisherman? He always dropped the bass.
  • Joke 24: How does a DJ say goodbye? “Catch you on the flip side!”

13. “Turntable Teasers” Section

  • Joke 25: Why did the DJ go to school? To improve his record!
  • Joke 26: What’s a DJ’s favorite type of weather? Re-mixy conditions!

14. “Mixtape Mirth” Section

  • Joke 27: Why did the DJ refuse to play monopoly? He didn’t like changing tracks.
  • Joke 28: What’s a DJ’s favorite cheese? Gouda beat!

15. “Groove Giggles” Section

  • Joke 29: Why was the DJ a good baker? He knew how to whip up a sick beat!
  • Joke 30: What do you call a DJ who also gardens? A beat farmer!

16. “Rhythm and Riddles” Section

  • Joke 31: What’s a DJ’s favorite animal? The turn-turtle!
  • Joke 32: Why did the DJ sit on the vinyl? He wanted to spin his own tale.

17. “Deck Delights” Section

  • Joke 33: What do you call a group of musical DJs? A soundcloud!
  • Joke 34: Why did the DJ get into trouble at work? Too many breaks.

18. “Crate Cracks” Section

  • Joke 35: Why did the DJ get a ladder? To reach the high notes.
  • Joke 36: What’s a DJ’s favorite button on a keyboard? Escape.

19. “Techno Titters” Section

  • Joke 37: Why did the DJ refuse to play golf? He was afraid of the club.
  • Joke 38: What’s a DJ’s favorite fruit? Beets, obviously!

20. “Beat-Box Banter” Section

  • Joke 39: Why don’t DJs play hide and seek? Good beats are hard to hide.
  • Joke 40: What do you call a DJ in winter? A ‘cool’ spinner!

At Prime Sound, we believe that humor is an essential part of music and life. These DJ jokes are a tribute to all the music maestros out there who make us dance and keep us smiling. Remember, whether you’re behind the decks or on the dance floor, never miss a chance to share a laugh and a good beat! Keep the music and the jokes spinning!

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