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Since kicking off in 2015, Prime Sound has been all about diving into the colorful world of musical instruments with you. Whether you’re after solid music lessons, expert advice, honest instrument ratings, fun song reviews, or just some straightforward answers to your questions, we’ve got your back. We’re here to break down the nitty-gritty of sound and help you find the accessories and products that hit the right note for you. With Prime Sound, you never miss a beat on your musical journey!
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Everything you need to dive into the world of music

Master the basics of your musical instrument with our step-by-step lessons
Video reviews
Video reviews
In-detail video product reviews and testing conducted by our experts
How it's made
How it's made
A comprehensive explanation of how musical instruments and sound-producing equipment work
Instruments ratings
Instruments ratings
Analysis of the best products the music industry offers
Advice for singers
Advice for singers
Learn how to sing like Michael Jackson or Billie Eilish
Discussions and feedback
Discussions and feedback
Answers to your questions, as well as tips, and advice from our experts

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And just like you, we know how hard it can be to learn the basics of a new instrument or really nail it if you’ve already started.

We are real people who simply want to share their knowledge and create an all-encompassing portal that even novices will find helpful. We are always ready to consult you on anything if it goes beyond our articles, so we don’t hide our faces behind ghostwriters and generated photos.

Luis Gates
Luis has a genius for Photoshop and a number of other visual editors. Apart from that, he’s a fantastic guitar player and often takes part in our research.
Marcus Lux
Marcus has a vast experience in digital audio and sound design. Thanks to his knowledge, he actively helps musicians with technical problems, improving their audio quality and promoting their tracks so that thousands of listeners can enjoy really good music.
Edward Mathis
Whatever the technical or SEO issue is, Edward is here to get the whole team’s back covered. Enjoys playing acoustic guitar when “nobody’s watching”.
Alecia Steen
In addition to being a private violin teacher and having a degree in music from USC, Alecia started writing music-related articles and product reviews six years ago and has enjoyed this experience greatly. She likes to learn new instruments and write new compositions in her free time.

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