5 Reliable Trombone Cases – Be Sure Your Instrument is Safe and Sound

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The trombone is a very distinctive brass instrument that is known for its distinctive size and shape. Trombones consist of many parts that easily detached from one another. These parts are all highly fragile and need constant care and attention so that they can perform well over a long period. For players who regularly travel to performances or practices, having a good quality trombone case is essential to protect the fragile parts. Trombone cases come in mainly two forms, soft or hard.

But what are the best trombone cases currently available to purchase? This article attempts to answer this question to serve as a helpful guide to you in the buying process. Factors we consider important in the purchasing process include frame, padding, warranty information and weight. Before you purchase, you must take time to consider the various options to maximize your chances of purchasing a great value trombone case.

Information in this article is taken from manufacturer websites as well as customer reviews to give you the best possible insight into the best trombone cases currently available to purchase. The article begins with a comparison table of the reviewed products, followed by five in-depth product reviews each containing key features, pros/cons and a detailed description. This is followed by the buying guide and FAQ sections with the conclusion presenting our verdict on the top three best trombone cases.

Top 5 Trombone Cases Review 2024


Protec MX306CTEditor’s Choice

  • Frame: 600D nylon
  • Padding: EPS foam
  • Warranty: 1-year limited
  • Weight: 5.6 lbs
  • 2 interior accessories

More features: removable backpack straps, padded handle wrap, adjustable shoulder strap, front accessory zipper pocket

The Protec MX306CT is a remarkably rugged trombone case that has 600D nylon exterior and light but secure EPS foam frame. This case is perfect for those wanting to pay a little bit extra for the guaranteed protection and maintenance of your trombone. Built for the convenience, the Protec MX306CT has a hook’n’loop quick closure mechanism to make the process of packing away your trombone much easier.

The handle of the Protec MX306CT follows a dual-corded design with a padded handle wrap. For those who may have to carry the trombone for long distances, the ergonomically padded handle ensures your handles will not ache, even after holding it for long periods. If you need to travel on the subway, the Protec MX306CT has a rope handle that is purpose-built for convenience when on public transport. This takes the pressure off your hands and you can easily carry the trombone on your shoulders.

When looking for cases, most trombonists seek a case that has nice extra features. The Protec MX306CT contains a roomy front zipper pocket which is big enough to put anything from sheet music to your items. The case also has two interior accessory compartments for extra storage capacity. The Protec MX306CT truly is a one-stop-shop for all items a trombonist needs when moving from A to B.

The interior of the Protec MX306CT is molded to fit F-trigger and straight horns, which is ideal for musicians who may own both horn types. This versatility is a real asset and compares favorably to other trombone cases that only fit one horn-type.

What do we love it for?

  • Lots of accessory compartments
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with multiple horn-types

What were we disappointed with?

  • A significant investment for a case
  • Soft exterior

Fusion FB-PB-15BKBest for Tenor Trombone

  • Frame: polyester, jacquard
  • Padding: 1.18’’ foam
  • Warranty: 1-year limited
  • Weight: 8.8 lbs
  • 5 pockets

More features: water and rip-resistant exterior, slide pouch, adjustable backpack straps, phone pockets, waist belt removable

The Fusion FB-PB-15BK is rated as one of the best cases for the tenor trombone. Featuring a jacquard exterior which is robust to any movements, water-resistant and resistant from ripping, purchasing the Fusion FB-PB-15BK is a sure-fire guarantee for protecting your tenor trombone. The interior is also remarkably soft, designed from a mixed-velvet compound which has no fibers to ensure that your tenor trombone is well protected.

One of the best features of the Fusion FB-PB-15BK is the backstrap options. Most trombone cases will feature a strap as an alternative option to the handle, this case offers comfortable padded backstraps in addition to chest and waist belts to allow the case to be carried easily on your back like a rucksack. These straps are easily adjustable to fit with your personal needs. This overcomes problems some musicians face with shoulder-based straps which can often cause shoulder pain.

The unique Fuse-On systems also allow you to attach other Fusion accessories to the instrument bag, which is ideal for Fusion bran fans. The Fusion FB-PB-15BK is built to hold your whole life in one case, with separate pockets available to carry your phone, wallet or tablet. In total, there are 5 additional pockets for you to make use of.

Available at a medium to a high price point, the Fusion FB-PB-15BK is certainly an investment in quality care and maintenance for your tenor trombone. If you own a different type of trombone, this case will not be compatible.

Why did it make our list?

  • Back, chest and waist straps
  • Soft, protective interior
  • Fuse-On systems

What is not ideal about it?

  • Only compatible with tenor trombones
  • High price

Gator Cases GL-TROMBONE-FBest for Long Travel

  • Frame: nylon
  • Padding: plush covered EPS foam
  • Warranty: lifetime limited
  • Weight: 12.75 lbs
  • Exterior storage pocket

More features: interlocking handle, removable shoulder strap, non-slip rubber pad, side carry handle

The GL-TROMBONE-F is one of the most durable trombone cases currently available to purchase. Perfect for those who do not want a trombone case that can be too heavy to carry, the GL-TROMBONE-F offers a great solution. The ruggedness of the case is the result of a high-quality nylon exterior with a carry handle made of rubber.

The GL-TROMBONE-F comes fitted with a non-slip rubber shoulder strap allows you to take the pressure off your hands when carrying the case for long periods. The cases contain plush covered EPS foam which provides more than sufficient padding to protect your trombone from any external forces. Some may be put off when the case exterior is ‘soft’ as opposed to ‘hard’, but while hard cases are often unbreakable, softer cases such as the GL-TROMBONE-F are much more practical and easier to transport.

The GL-TROMBONE-F is perfect students, with the case generally compatible with smaller student-sized instruments. Although the product is not exclusively designed for students, be aware that for full-size instruments the case may seem a little tight. For students starting the trombone, this case provides an easy option for you to carry the case to your lesson.

One of the best features of the GL-TROMBONE-F is its lifetime warranty, which compares very well to rival trombone cases. Do make sure you read the small print to establish exactly what you are covered for under the warranty agreement, as simple ware-and-tear is not likely to be covered.

What do we love it for?

  • Super lightweight
  • Perfect for students
  • Lifetime warranty

What were we disappointed with?

  • Maybe a tight fit for full-size instruments

Crossrock CRA860TBBLBudget Pick

  • Frame: molded ABS
  • Padding: high-density foam with plush lining
  • Warranty: 2-year limited
  • Weight: 9.9 lbs
  • 2 accessory pockets

More features: padded shoulder strap, scratch-resistant exterior, metal hardware

The Crossrock CRA860TBBL is a hard and robust trombone case with a strong molded ABS exterior. The hardness is formed by the heavy-duty metal valance. For those who prefer the look and feel of a traditional trombone case, the Crossrock CRA860TBBL is the perfect case. The case is designed for most Bb tenor trombones. Featuring high-density padding inside the case with a plush lining, the trombone is securely protected from any outside forces.

Weighing 9.9 lbs, the Crossrock CRA860TBBL is lighter than you may expect it to be. A disadvantage of hard cases is that they are normally heavier, the Crossrock CRA860TBBL breaks the trend with this due to its slimline design. In addition to the space for the trombone parts, there are also 2 accessory pockets inside the case. While this is a smaller amount compared to other cases, they provide sufficient extra storage.

The Crossrock CRA860TBBL comes with a padded shoulder strap which makes it far easier for you to carry the instrument on public transport, giving an alternative option to carrying the case from your hands. The handle of the case is constructed from a sturdy molded handle, which is amazingly robust and will reliably carry the case without fear of breaking.

The Crossrock CRA860TBBL also comes with a two-year limited warranty agreement to give you sufficient purchasing protection. Do make sure you check out the terms of the agreement so that you are aware of what you are covered against.

What makes it stand out?

  • Traditional look
  • Strong exterior material
  • Compatible with the majority of tenor trombones

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Heavier than softer cases
  • Limited storage facilities

Protec IP309CTBest for Bass Trombone

  • Frame: nylon, wood-shell
  • Padding: nylex
  • Warranty: 1-year limited
  • Weight: 10.5 lbs
  • Organizer pocket

More features: backpack straps, water-resistant, hook’n loop closures, metal hardware

The Protec IP309CT is a soft-exterior trombone case that is specifically designed for bass trombones. It is renowned for being one of the best bass trombone cases currently available to purchase. Constructed from a nylon and wood-shell frame with Nylex padding, this case is deceptive in its robustness to tackling any potential damages to the instrument. The frame is pretty lightweight and is also shock absorbing.

Weighing at 10.5 lbs, the Protec IP309CT is a medium-weighing case and is straightforward to transport. The case is water-resistant, giving extra protection to potential liquid intrusions. One of the best features is the Protec IP309CT is the backstraps. This allows you easily carry the case like a backpack, which takes the strain away from your shoulders.

The QuickLock feature is another advantage of purchasing the Protec IP309CT. This mechanism allows you to shut the case without requiring zippering. Although zips are still central to the design of the case, having this QuickLock feature is convenient. The case is structured with a 2 modular body section and 3 modular lid blocks for a customized fit. The Protec IP309CT comes with one large additional storage compartment where you can keep all of your essential items from sheet music to other personal belongings.

The Protec IP309CT is the ideal choice for bass trombonists. It also comes with a one-year warranty agreement. It is good practice to read the terms and conditions of the warranty agreement so that you are aware of what is protected.

What makes it stand out?

  • Extremely sturdy
  • Extra storage capacity
  • Customizable
  • High-quality closures
  • Contoured padding
  • Water-resistant

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Premium price

Things to Consider

The buying guide below outlines all the essential information that you need to know about trombone cases to assist you in the purchasing process.

Why a trombone case is an absolute ‘must-have’?

5 Reliable Trombone Cases - Be Sure Your Instrument is Safe and SoundOwning a trombone case is important because of the following reasons:

Storage purposesthis is probably the main reason for you to purchase a trombone case. With a case, you will be able to store your trombone when you are not using it.

Extra protection of your trombonea case will protect your trombone from damage by external forces. If it drops, the trombone will be safe. The case is also a protection from the general wear and tear caused by environmental factors as well as preventing your instrument from dust which may cause damage to the parts.

Easy transportif you travel more often with your trombone, a case will help you to transport it easy especially if you are using air or train. You just need to buy one with a lock for security reasons.

Extra storagemost trombone cases have compartments which can be used as extra storage. You can store your personal belongings in the compartments such as phone, tablet, wallet, sheet music and other trombone accessories.


Choose the best trombone cases by the following features

The following features will help you in purchasing the best trombone cases;

Soft or hard

Before deciding whether to buy yourself a soft or hard case, you need to ask yourself the following questions; how often will you be moving your trombone from one place to another? Will you ever use the train or air to travel? How will you store your instrument?

If you travel short distances a few times a month, you will need a softshell gig bag to carry your trombone. However, if you will be travelling across the country consistently maybe for a marching band competition, a heavy-duty hard case will give you the extra protection.

Although these hard cases are heavier, more expensive and larger, most experts recommend it because it lasts longer. After all, investing extra dollars will save you more in the future.


5 Reliable Trombone Cases - Be Sure Your Instrument is Safe and SoundThe frames of trombone cases are made of different materials. The frames can be made of nylon, polyester, jacquard, molded ABS or even wood shell. The materials used in trombone cases should be shock absorbent and lightweight to be able to protect the instrument from any external damage and easy to carry.


Most of the trombone cases reviewed above are either padded by EPS or high-density foam with some having plush linings. The main purpose of the padding is to protect the trombone from external forces for example if the trombone drops to the ground and is in the padded case, it is unlikely to break.


When you have found a case of your choice, examine its latches and hardware. The trombone case that you buy should have reliable latches to prevent the trombone from tumbling out during storage or transport. This is something that you wouldn’t want to happen to you because you can incur more repair costs.

The next thing that you need to do is check the case for flexing. You can do this by pressing down the different parts of the case to see whether there is any movement. If there is movement, your trombone is likely to be damaged.

The case should be rigid at all times for you to protect your trombone. Finally, you need to decide whether you need a lock or not. If you are concerned about theft or plan to travel with your trombone, consider purchasing a case with built-in locks and most will be approved by the TSA.


Having compartments in your trombone case will help you in storing the extra accessories that you may have. Some trombone cases come with zippered variants and slide pockets that will help you organize all your accessories in a better manner. This way you can retrieve anything that you want from the case easily without causing a mess.

Backpack straps

In addition to the waist and chest belts, most trombone cases such as the Fusion FB-PB-15BK will come with backpack strap. This will enable you to carry the trombone as a rucksack. The straps should be easily adjustable to fit your desired needs. The backpack straps will help in reducing the back pains that may be caused by straps that are shoulder-based.

Consider the wheels

Some trombonists like wheels, while others don’t like. In as much as this is a more personal preference, wheels just make sense. Referred to as wheelie cases, trombone cases with wheels are suitable for students who are not able to carry the trombone on their own.

If you do not like wheelie cases, but still need extra help, looks for a trombone case that has padded and thick straps. If you choose a traditional trombone case and later on you want one with wheels, you can carry the instrument using a small furniture dolly but make sure that it is securely fastened.


5 Reliable Trombone Cases - Be Sure Your Instrument is Safe and SoundSometimes cases can be a real fashion statement, especially if you having to regularly travel with the trombone. If you want a case that blends in go for a neutral black soft case design. If you fancy showing off your instrument, bright colored cases are also available.

Money sound

Consider buying a trombone case that is within your budget. Note that the amount of money does not affect the quality of the case as you can find a cheaper but good quality trombone case. The trombone cases that come will extra features such as good quality padding, waterproof and backpack straps will be more expensive than the ones that do not have these features.

Therefore, choose one that is suitable needs and within your budget. The trombone cases reviewed above range from around $50 to $300.

Water resistance

Some trombone cases such as the Protec IP309CT are made of soft materials which are waterproof. If you travel a lot or often move from one place to another, it will be wise to invest in a waterproof trombone case that will protect your instrument whenever it rains. You may need to pay a little extra money, but it is worthwhile in the end. You do not want your trombone to be rained on as you may spend more on the repair.


This is a very important feature in every purchase that you make. You need to have a guarantee for the purchase of a trombone case. Before purchasing the case, it is important to read the terms and conditions of the warranty so that you understand the parts covered by the warranty. The products reviewed above have warranty ranging from one year, two-years and even a lifetime warranty seen with the Gator Cases GL-TROMBONE-F.


There is no issue with purchasing a trombone case at a store. However, buying the case online is more convenient as you can just use your phone or laptop. It also saves you time from going to the store and considerably cheaper compared to those sold at the store.

Just like any other case, trombone cases need to be taken care of. The case should be robust to wear and tear. It is easy to maintain a trombone case. You just need to be careful not to drop it on the floor or pour juice and colored liquids to it, if you want it to serve you longer.

Our Verdict

Hopefully, this article has given you all the necessary insight to guide you in the purchasing process of the best trombone case.

Our verdict on the top three best trombone cases is:

  1. Protec MX306CT – finishes top of our rankings due to its vast numbers of compartments as well as its compatibility with multiple horn types.
  2. Fusion FB-PB-15BK – comes second in the rankings because of its strong backpack-style straps and the high quality soft protective interior.
  3. Gator Cases GL-TROMBONE-F – finishes third in the ranking due to its lightweight feel and lifetime warranty agreement.

When purchasing the best trombone case, you must be first aware of the measurements of your instrument and your budget. You must complete lots of online research to improve your chances of purchasing a great value trombone case.

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