Essential Piano Accessories for Practice

Last updatedLast updated: March 20, 2024
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As a pianist, having the right accessories for practice is crucial to your development as a musician. Whether you are just starting out or have been playing for many years, certain items can enhance your playing experience and make your music-making journey more enjoyable. Here are some essential piano accessories for practice that every pianist should consider.

Essential Piano Accessories for PracticeMetronome

Maybe it’s obvious, but one of the most important accessories for practice is a metronome. However, I’m not talking about just any metronome app you download from the app store. While more and more people opt for digital metronomes, there is no comparison to using an analog metronome that you can watch physically swing with the rhythms you’re playing. If you have never used an analog metronome, you will be blown away by how big of a difference it makes. Watching the double-weighted pendulum move back and forth helps you feel the length of the entire beat. 

Practicing is hard enough, so don’t make it worse by using an ear-shredding digital metronome. The sound that an analog metronome produces is much more musical than the digital reproductions of that characteristic click. When choosing a metronome, make sure to pick one that suits your playing style and preferences. Whichever one you choose, be sure to leave your cell phone alone.

Essential Piano Accessories for PracticeQRS PNOscan

Another essential accessory is the QRS PNOscan. This device effectively turns your acoustic piano into a midi controller, allowing you to directly input performances into your computer. That’s right, your acoustic piano can be a midi controller! This is particularly useful for those who write their own music, as it eliminates the need to painstakingly dictate each note and rhythm. It can also be effective for artists looking to record commercial-quality music as adding a midi piano beneath the actual recording adds body and fullness to your recording. However, this has to be done tastefully. A keen ear can quickly pick this out if it’s overdone.

Even if you don’t compose or record your own music, QRS PNOscan allows you to learn with piano apps more effectively without sacrificing the feel of an acoustic piano. If you are looking to take your music-making to the next level, the QRS PNOscan is a game-changer.

Essential Piano Accessories for PracticeIf you have an electronic piano, you need connection cables to connect it to your other devices. This may seem like a trivial accessory, but picking the right cable can be a surprisingly complex process. You need to know what ports your piano has and what devices you will be trying to connect them to. There are many possibilities, so it’s important to do your research and choose a cable that suits your needs. If you need help getting the right cable, you can find more information here.

If you are curious about why you would need to connect your device to your piano, there are a few key reasons to do so. Being digitally literate is an important skill for any musician today. Connecting your piano will open a whole new world of possibilities for how you interact with your instrument. There are almost unlimited possibilities, but your keyboard can go from an electric piano to a full orchestra, an entire drum section, or even a full jazz band. You can experiment with sampling sounds in your everyday life or even with recording your own voice into your keyboard. We have found that if there has ever been a gateway into composing your own music, it is understanding how to truly wield the power of a keyboard. In addition to this, you can get something that otherwise would only come from hiring a teacher or using piano-teaching software: feedback. I will discuss this more in the next section.

Piano Marvel

When it comes to getting feedback from piano learning software, there are plenty of options. Picking the right one largely depends on what your goals are. If you are trying to improve/learn sight-reading, there is absolutely no app, tool, or accessory better than Thousands of people have learned to sight-read through Piano Marvel and there is a good reason why: there is no other app that can compete with the in-depth, extensive learning suite that Piano Marvel provides. No matter your level, this is the best tool to improve your sight-reading.

Piano Marvel app screenshotThese essential piano accessories for practice can greatly enhance your playing experience and help you develop your skills as a musician. From a metronome to Piano Marvel, each accessory has its own unique benefits that can help you on your music-making journey. If you’re looking to take your playing to the next level, consider investing in these accessories to elevate your practice sessions.

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