4 Outstanding Yamaha Trumpets with the Perfect Sound

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Named after its founder, Yamaha is world renowned company that manufactures world class musical instruments. Their line of trumpets needs no introduction as Yamaha caters to all skill and playability levels and players of all skillsets are familiar with the brand. Every instrument created by the respected brand works in concise harmony and delivers unbeatable playability.

If Yamaha is the name you trust and the brand you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the right place. Today we will feature some of the best Yamaha trumpets that are available for trumpet enthusiasts with different skill levels. We will look at important features like plating of the instrument, key, bell and bore sizes to determine the kind of sound your trumpet will produce. We will also take into consideration whether your instrument comes with any included accessories or not.

With some help from our experts you should be able to narrow down your choices to the instrument of your preference. Take a look at our recommendations for the best trumpets under the Yamaha banner in our comparison table first. Then read on to get an in-depth description of each product’s specs and features. We conclude our article with a buying guide where you can find out all you need to know about the best Yamaha trumpets and get answers to any questions you may have before you buy an instrument.

Top 4 Yamaha Trumpets Review 2024


Yamaha YTR-6335Editor’s Choice

  • Plating: silver
  • Bore: .459’’
  • Bell: 4.8’’
  • Case: included
  • Key: Bb

More features: one-piece yellow brass bell, TR-14B4 mouthpiece

Yamaha is a popular brand in trumpets and includes a vast selection of top-quality professional and student trumpets to choose from. The ones that truly stand out among this collection, though, are the ones that excel in every aspect.

The YTR-6335 is one such trumpet that is the best all around and as a result is very versatile in its quality of tone production.

This trumpet includes many features from Yamaha’s own popular Xeno series of trumpets, including its hand-crafted and expertly assembled parts.

The one-piece hand-hammered yellow brass bell is one important component, as it provides the bright timbre that resonates so well in any type of performance. The medium-large bore contributes to the big sound of this instrument, allowing room for expressive playing and making the projection much clearer. The valves and monel pistons are smooth in response and corrosion resistant, and won’t stick as you create clear and fluid sounding music.

This trumpet comes in a choice of two finishes so you can choose your aesthetic (and somewhat tonal) preference. It comes available in traditional gold lacquer and silver plating as the YTR-6335. A carry case and 14B4 mouthpiece come included.

Given the perfection of this instrument, it is no wonder that it boasts a price tag that may not be within everyone’s budget. That said, if you want a versatile professional instrument that sounds right and stands out in any type of performance or setting, the YTR-6335 trumpet is the best choice for you, and this list’s Editor’s Pick.

What makes it stand out?

  • High quality construction and materials
  • Bright, accurate sound
  • Versatile for any type of performance

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Pricey instrument for beginners and student

Yamaha YTR-8345RS XenoBest for Jazz

  • Plating: silver
  • Bore: .462’’
  • Bell: 4.8’’
  • Case: included
  • Key: Bb

More features: yellow brass one-piece bell, TR16C4 mouthpiece, first slide tuning button, increased water key height, monel pistons

From the very popular Xeno series by Yamaha comes a trumpet that focuses on expressive sounds and quick playability: the YTR-8345RS Xeno trumpet.

This instrument along with others of this series have been redesigned not too long ago with plenty of improvements to further achieve the best musical expression possible. With plenty of features and parts perfect for expressive players, this is the best Yamaha trumpet for jazz on this list.

In terms of expressiveness, the most important feature that sets it apart from other series trumpets is the reverse tuning slide which produces smooth flow of air and minimal resistance unique to this feature. The result is a rich tone and comfortable playability that reduces the effort as you hit all the right notes.

The large bore adds to the comfortable air flow while the one-piece hand-hammered bell offers that extra harmonic sound and blends notes well. The valve casings and monel pistons are thinner versus the previous version, and create a better responsiveness and easier blowing resistance. A button on the first slide also allows you to control the resistance, adding that extra control.

Though this higher-level trumpet does come with a rather hefty price tag, the quality in sound and build and guaranteed longevity of this instrument make it a worthwhile purchase. It is also definitely catered toward professional players and it’s recommended you find a simpler or more affordable model for the student or intermediate jazz trumpet player.

What are our favorite features?

  • Plenty of room for expressive playing
  • Good tone and playability

What could be better?

  • Price and features catered to more professional players

Yamaha YTR-8310ZS Bobby ShewBest Professional

  • Plating: silver
  • Bore: .445’’
  • Bell: 5’’
  • Case: included
  • Key: Bb

More features: one-piece yellow brass bell, lightweight, TR-SHEW-JAZZ mouthpiece, gold brass leadpipe, monel pistons

In collaboration with esteemed trumpet player Bobby Shew, Yamaha has produced a new and improved generation to the Custom Z model in an attempt to create an even brighter tone and a more professional contemporary design.

The development of a trumpet to meet a master’s requirements is nothing short of exceptional, and the YTR-8310Z earns the nomination of Best professional Yamaha trumpet on this list.

These professional trumpets are hand crafted and assembled with high-end manufacturing technology for consistency and an unmatched quality in sound and construction. The large bore tuning slide and large bell flare size allow for a big sound with little effort that resonates well and is clear. Whether playing a dominant lead role or adding subtlety in a large group, this trumpet will have its place in any situation.

There are plenty of features that contribute to creating this trumpet’s rich, full tone. A gold brass mouthpipe adds that richness, and the TR-SHEW-JAZZ mouthpiece is deep and roomy, adding warmth. The tone is well-centered and well-defined with the integration of a new two-piece valve casing, that deepens the sound and balances any internal resistance.

Like other professional trumpets, this comes in either a gold lacquer finish or a silver-plating finish. A sturdy carrying case is also included.

The only downside that comes with high-end products like this are in affordability of the product. While this is a great trumpet all-round that will last you years (if not decades) when cared for, this instrument is definitely pricey.

Why is it special?

  • Improved playability and features involving sound
  • Quality instrument
  • Durable and long-lasting construction

What are the flaws?

  • Pricey instrument

Yamaha YTR-2330 StandardBudget Pick

  • Plating: gold lacquer
  • Bore: .459’’
  • Bell: 4.8’’
  • Case: included
  • Key: Bb

More features: yellow brass two-piece bell, third slide ring adjustable, lightweight, monel pistons

If you’re looking for a simple trumpet that can work as a secondary or backup instrument, doesn’t sacrifice quality, and comes at a budget-friendly price, then look no further than the popular YTR-2330 trumpet. Though it’s a model of trumpet targeted toward students, it comes made with professional materials and production methods. Many reviewers agree that this trumpet is one of, if not the best student trumpet Yamaha has to offer.

As a result, we have a simple, easy to play trumpet with a quality you won’t find often in instruments at this level.
The YTR-2330 is well-balanced in weight and offers a vibrant tone, making it more comfortable to hold and encouraging proper technique. The two-piece bell doesn’t resonate as well as the one-piece hand-hammered bell, but being made of yellow brass helps keep that vibrance and consistency in tone that other student trumpets may lack.

The monel alloy pistons are some that come more common on professional models, but serve their purpose well as they are durable and responsive while improving the overall sound quality.

Of course, this model is still a simpler version of higher-end models, and works best for students or as a backup instrument for practicing on. This isn’t a replacement trumpet for more expensive models.

Regardless, the YTR-2330 comes with a good quality that cheaper student trumpets can’t compare to. Made to last and sound good at a student-friendly price, this trumpet has earned its title as this list’s budget pick.

What are its best features?

  • Very high quality for a student trumpet
  • Good sound
  • Easy to play

What could be improved?

  • Not a replacement for more expensive trumpets, works best as a learning or backup instrument.
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Things to Consider

Trumpets are one kind of instrument you want to take seriously. They can come out with depth or softness, intensity or a gentle tone. To find a reliable trumpet, you’ll need a reliable brand to look to. Fortunately, there are many well-established instrument brands you can trust, and one of them is none other than Yamaha.

Why Yamaha trumpets?

The brand Yamaha has been around for about 132 years. In all of these years, Yamaha craftsmanship has only gotten better, which brings us to the reliability of their newest products.

Their quality and lasting value makes the purchase worth it. Yamaha products are recognized internationally, and their innovations not only drive the company forward, but other instrumental businesses as well.

Their only expertise isn’t trumpets either. They have excelled in multiple fields including strings, wind, wood, and bass; they’re all there in Yamaha’s market. Yamaha creates for pros and beginners alike, so everyone can enjoy the quality of Yamaha while improving their own skills.

Trumpet maintenance tips

First of all, quality products don’t come without their quality maintenance. That is why Yamaha has their own Trumpet/Cornet Maintenance Kit you can purchase for your trumpet at home.

There is a lot included inside of this package, including valve oil, slide grease, a cleaning snake, a mouthpiece brush, a casing brush, and a polish cloth.

You can start with the easiest part, the mouthpiece. Using your mouthpiece brush, lightly rub it back and forth until there is no more spit or grime inside. Then, move on to your oils where you will remove the valves and oil them lightly. If you find any dirt or grime inside of the valves, pistons, or tubing, use the casing brush to clean it out. Anything you cannot reach with the casing brush can be reached with the cleaning snake.

You then apply the slide grease onto the slide to ensure it moves smoothly while you are playing.  The polish cloth is used for the finishing touches; to shine the exterior of the trumpet.

Here is a video for step by step instructions to the maintenance kit:

Choose the best Yamaha trumpet by the following features

Simply choosing Yamaha as your trusted brand is not going to be enough. You’ll need to scan through their trumpet stock, which is a lot of instruments. To make things easier, we have provided you with a list of qualities you should consider in your trumpet before selecting one.

Remember, the instrument you work with will reflect on your performance. The sound you create has to appeal to you, most of all. Picking up the wrong trumpet that doesn’t sound the way you want it to will ruin your entire experience with your trumpet. Take your time to find one that speaks to you.


The timbre of an instrument will change the quality of the sound. But first, what is timbre? Timbre is the way the air vibrates inside the instrument. Shape, length, and material are very important in this sense.

Brass is a commonly used material, an alloy of copper and zinc. It is easy to manipulate, rust-resistant, and eye-catching in the final result. Yellow brass has more zinc, therefore a brighter tone. Gold brass has less zinc, and presents a rich tone.

Nickel-Silver instruments have the deepest tone. Coatings will also change the tone your trumpet creates.  For gentle sounds, go for a gold or silver plating. Gold lacquer coatings offer a sharper, more powerful tone while clear lacquer gives off a mellow, solid tone.

The Yamaha YTR-2330 features gold lacquer plating while the other three models including the YTR-6335, the YTR-8345RS Xeno and the YTR-8310ZS Bobby Shew all come silver plated.

4 Outstanding Yamaha Trumpets with the Perfect SoundLead pipe

The leadpipe of the trumpet is the tube which extends from the mouthpiece to the tuning slide. This leadpipe is crafted directly with the bell and can make an immense difference to your sound, depending on the diameter and condition you keep it in.

Bell size

The bell size will, of course, greatly affect the sound that comes out of the bell. There are two methods to create a bell. The first is the traditional method, which is through beating a fan-shaped piece of brass together to create the bell shape. This method is always used for ‘one-off’ custom trumpets used by professionals.

The second method is the spinning process, which gets the job done faster, though it does not wield the customized appeal. The spinning process involves much manual labor though, and is carried through by a professional craftsman. The stem is bent into shape with the use of a special metal, which allows the crafter to bend the trumpet once the metal has dried.


Pistons are better explained through the system the trumpet uses. Trumpets that use the piston system have three piston valves, numbered one to three going away from the mouthpiece. By pressing down on the pistons, you increase the length the air flows, which inevitably changes the sound that comes out. All Yamaha trumpets have numbered pistons which helps in replacing them during maintenance.

The other system is the rotary system, in which the player presses round levers. The levers rotate the air flow by 90 degrees, which changes the note of the trumpet.


The mouthpiece is a funnel-shaped tube which is used as the piece where you blow into the trumpet. You can get a different sized mouthpiece to customize your trumpet to your preference. There is also a variety of mouthpieces made with different materials, though the most common material used is brass.

Your mouthpiece should be cleaned after every use and stored separately from the rest of the trumpet. You don’t want nicks or cracks on your mouthpiece.

4 Outstanding Yamaha Trumpets with the Perfect SoundBore

When you refer to the bore, you refer to the diameter size used to construct your trumpet. How is this relevant? The slightest change in the bore can change the entire sound your trumpet lets out.

A smaller bore will provide you with a softer, more mellow tone, and provide you with more control over this sound. Larger bores will give you a brighter, more aggressive tone which is more pronounced. Bigger bores are better for lead roles and front seat players.

Of our models featured today, the Yamaha YTR-8345RS Xeno features the largest bore size at .462” followed by the Yamaha YTR-2330 and the Yamaha YTR-6335 both of which have a bore size of .459”. The smallest bore size of .445” is featured on the Yamaha YTR-8310ZS Bobby Shew model.


Yamaha has their own wide range of accessories for all types of instruments, including the trumpet. Here is a list of available parts you should acquaint yourself with:

  • Brasswind Valve Oil
  • Synthetic Tuning Slide Grease
  • Tuning Slide Oil
  • Rotor Spindle Oil
  • Maintenance Kits
  • Clip-On Metronome
  • Classic Pendulum Metronome
  • Trumpet Mutes
  • Cases
  • Trumpet Slide Stopper
  • Trumpet Valve Guard

4 Outstanding Yamaha Trumpets with the Perfect SoundMusician’s level

Are you a professional trumpet player, or is the trumpet simply a hobby you plan on pursuing? If you are new to the trumpet, then it’s best to stick to beginner models. Jumping to a professional model may prove to be too complicated and frustrating.

Just as well, if you’ve been playing the trumpet for a while now, an intermediate trumpet might be the upgrade you want. To take your skills up another step, you’ll need to get used to a trumpet closer to a professional’s design.

Once you’ve reached the professional level, there’s no going back. A beginner and/or intermediate trumpet will never be able to surpass the variety a professional trumpet has to offer.

Yamaha trumpets will cater to you based on your own skills and level of expertise.


Any instrument you plan on playing becomes an investment. You don’t want your money and time to go to waste by buying a meek instrument that doesn’t even sound that nice. Therefore, it’s always best to keep your eye out for a durable, long-lasting instrument.

Look for good, if not the best, quality material in your trumpet. Something that is easy to hold, but doesn’t feel like a toy either. The stronger your trumpet is, the longer you’ll work with it and the more strain it will handle.


The warranty which Yamaha provides is a 24-month warranty. This ensures that there are no manufacturing faults in the instrument. If there are any faults or defects, Yamaha will cover these expenses and repair or completely replace the product, based on the area they are in and the help they offer.


Yamaha makes trumpets for students and beginners, as well as professionals. In fact, if you are looking for a trusted brand name for beginner’s trumpets, you won’t have to look any further than Yamaha. They cater to all types of needs; repairs, replacements, custom instruments, and maintenance kits. Naturally, the Yamaha trumpets for beginners won’t be the same quality as their professional models, but they will be much cheaper.

It depends on the trumpet you’re getting. Is it for a beginner, intermediate or a professional level? Beginner trumpets come between $400 – $1000. A step above these are intermediate models, which can range between $1500 – $2500. Finally, you have the professional models, which could be custom made or pre-purchased. These can easily go over $2500.

There are multiple places your trumpet could have been manufactured. Yamaha trumpets are manufactured in China, Japan, USA, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Our Verdict

The best choice in trumpets from Yamaha would be the YTR-6335 trumpet. This is a versatile professional instrument that sounds good in any setting and exceeds many others in quality sound, construction, playability, and durability. It’s a worthwhile purchase in every aspect.

If you’re looking for a trumpet that focuses on giving you, the player, more freedom of expression, then the YTR-8345RS Xeno series trumpet is the best Yamaha trumpet for you. This model has been improved upon to better provide that expressive freedom with less effort required to do so.

If you’re looking for an affordable option that’ll last you a while and is designed to handle student use, take a look at the YTR-2330 trumpet. It comes with the simple playability that students and intermediate players can handle, and a quality and materials that professionals can appreciate.

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