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Exploring the world of portable speakers, we recently had the chance to experience the Ultimate Ears Hyperboom, and it’s an amazing addition to any party or gathering. It’s equipped with a robust, clear sound with profound bass that energizes the atmosphere indoors or out. The Hyperboom doesn’t just play music; it fills the space with an auditory experience that’s both immense and detailed, thanks to its adaptive EQ tailoring the audio to any environment.

Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Portable & Home Wireless Bluetooth SpeakerOne standout feature we appreciate is its connectivity options. You can hook up two Bluetooth sources, an auxiliary, and an optical input, making the transition between DJ sets or playlists virtually seamless. The speaker’s 24-hour battery life is a powerhouse, ensuring the music outlasts even the longest celebrations. Moreover, the IPX4 splash resistance offers peace of mind for poolside parties or accidental spills.

Bottom Line

The Ultimate Ears Hyperboom is an impressive speaker that’s versatile enough to entertain any space with powerful sound and bass. Its all-day battery life and fuss-free connectivity guarantee that the music and vibes stay strong.

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Overview of the Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Portable & Home Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

We recently had the chance to experience the Hyperboom speaker, which truly sets the bar for portable sound. Its robust size enables it to deliver an impressive audio performance that can liven up any space, from indoor lounging to outdoor celebrations. The bass is notably deep and rich, creating an atmosphere you can hear and feel.

In practice, the speaker’s adaptive EQ is a standout feature; it intelligently adjusts the sound to fit the environment. Whether we were entertaining guests in a large hall or enjoying a quiet evening on the patio, the audio quality remained consistently crisp and immersive.

The convenience of multiple connectivity options stood out when we used the speaker. Switching between two Bluetooth connections, an auxiliary, and an optical input, meant we could transition smoothly from one device to another without missing a beat. Plus, its USB charge-out port came in handy to keep our smartphones charged throughout events.

Not having to worry about rain or accidental spills, thanks to its IPX4 water resistance, gave us peace of mind during poolside parties. We were more than satisfied with the all-day, 24-hour battery life, which saw us through the night without any interruptions.

While the Hyperboom delivers a voluminous sound, it’s worth noting that those seeking ultra-deep bass drops might find it falling just shy of their expectations. Nonetheless, our time with the speaker confirmed that it’s a solid choice for those prioritizing sound quality, versatility, and durability in their portable audio equipment.

Supermassive Sound and Booming Bass

When we got our hands on the Hyperboom, we were taken aback by its ability to fill the space with immersive, powerful audio. The speaker doesn’t just play music; it injects life into every track with a bass that thumps and pulsates, truly defining what a party speaker should be. Even at high volumes, the sound remains clear and distortion-free, which is no small feat for a portable speaker.

One impressive feature we noticed was the speaker’s adaptive EQ. It’s like having an audio engineer inside the box, fine-tuning music in real-time to suit the environment. Whether it was a backyard barbecue or an indoor get-together, the Hyperboom adjusted its output to perfection.

Despite the large sound, there’s a balance that doesn’t allow the bass to overpower the nuances of the music. The high and mid frequencies have their place, so all layers of the sound are represented well. However, if a room-shaking bass is your sole criteria, this speaker might sometimes feel too tempered for your taste.

The Hyperboom’s ability to connect with other speakers is also worth mentioning. Setting up for an even larger sound was a breeze – the kind of setup that gets neighbors to take notice. In sum, if you’re after a mix of clarity and bass potency, the Hyperboom manages just that without missing a beat.

Seamless Music Sharing

Imagine you’re at a gathering where everyone’s itching to share their favorite tracks. With our Hyperboom speaker, we found switching tunes to be a breeze. Its ability to connect to four devices simultaneously made the hassle typically associated with pairing and re-pairing devices nonexistent. A button press lets us effortlessly cycle through playlists from two Bluetooth-connected devices, an auxiliary, and an optical input. The speaker’s intuitive interface means no awkward silence between songs—just a seamless flow of beats from different phones or tablets. This feature made it the party’s MVP, as everyone got a shot at playing DJ without any confusion or delay. While the convenience is a high point, it’s also worth noting that a noticeable drop in volume or clarity wasn’t experienced when switching between devices, allowing for a consistent and enjoyable listening experience.

Unmatched Battery Longevity

Regarding longevity, believe us when we say the Hyperboom speakers truly impress. Our experience with this powerhouse revealed that its battery life is nothing short of astounding. We effortlessly hosted a day-long event without scrambling for a power outlet—the speaker kept thumping away for the entire duration, as promised, for up to 24 hours.

Bringing the Hyperboom to an outdoor gathering, we were liberated from the nagging worry about the next charge. The convenience of not being tethered to a power source added to the ease and enjoyment of our experience. It’s worth noting that actual battery life can vary based on volume levels and connectivity options, but overall, it’s safe to expect prolonged performance.

One minor downside we observed is that consistently pushing the speaker to its maximum volume could potentially eat into the battery life faster than expected. However, even at those higher volumes, the longevity is impressive.

Adding the USB charge-out feature is also a nice touch—it meant that even as we basked in our favorite tunes, we could keep our devices juiced up. Reliable and long-lasting, the battery life on the Hyperboom speaker stands as a testament to Ultimate Ears’ commitment to convenience and consistent performance.

Adaptive Equalizing for Perfect Sound

In our experience, the Hyperboom’s ability to adapt its sound to different environments is genuinely impressive. Outdoors, the music was clear and full-bodied in a spacious backyard gathering. Indoors, the sound felt rich and balanced, seamlessly filling every corner of the room without overpowering it. What sets this speaker apart, however, is the adaptive EQ. It adjusts to the speaker’s surroundings, ensuring the audio quality is consistently excellent, whether placed on a garden table or in a large living room.

While the bass is deep, providing that punchy feel to fuel any party, we noticed that it might not satisfy those looking for an extremely low-frequency response. Despite this, the overall audio performance ensures that the vocals and instruments are well-represented. Although we encourage responsible listening, the speaker maintains clarity even at higher volumes, a testament to its design.

Our tests proved that no matter where we took the Hyperboom, it delivered immersive and tailored sound. It’s not just about loudness; it’s about how smartly the speaker can provide the right sound for the right space, ensuring our music is enjoyed to its fullest.

Durability and Weather Resistance

We recently took the Hyperboom out for a spin, and its durability really stood out. This rugged speaker can handle more than its fair share of bangs and drops without showing signs of wear. Its sleek and solid design suggests it can endure frequent use in various environments. Although it’s not fully waterproof, the IPX4 rating means it’s resistant to splashes and spills. We confidently placed it poolside during a party, and it survived occasional splashes without any hiccups.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to remember that while the Hyperboom can resist water to an extent, it’s not meant for submersion or extremely wet conditions. And in terms of weather resistance, it held up well against normal outdoor use. We wouldn’t recommend leaving it out in the rain, but you don’t have to worry if it gets caught in a light drizzle.

Battery life is robust, too; it powered through an entire day’s event without needing a recharge. Its stable build, coupled with the ability to withstand minor outdoor elements, makes it a reliable choice for those who love to take their music wherever they go, whether a beach outing, a picnic, or just lounging in the backyard.

Pros and Cons

Regarding portable Bluetooth speakers, our experiences have a lot to contribute. Having gotten our hands on the Ultimate Ears Hyperboom, we’ve put it through its paces to offer a balanced view.


  • Impeccable Sound Quality: The Hyperboom delivers crystal-clear audio matched with a powerful bass that fills the room. Whether you’re at home or outdoors, the quality stays consistent, which is what we always seek in a reliable speaker.
  • Versatility in Connections: It’s not often you find a speaker that lets you connect multiple devices seamlessly. With two Bluetooth, one auxiliary, and one optical input, switching your audio source is a breeze—an aspect we really appreciate when hosting gatherings.
  • Battery Life: A full day of tunes without worrying about a charge? Yes, please. We tested the 24-hour battery life and found it stands up to the promise, which means one less concern during our parties.
  • Adaptive Equalizer: This feature is a gem. Place the Hyperboom anywhere, and it adjusts its output for optimal sound. We noticed it tailors the bass and treble depending on whether we’re poolside or in the living room.
  • Build Quality and Durability: Drinks get spilled; that’s party life. Thankfully, the IPX4 rating means this isn’t a deal-breaker. A quick wipe and the Hyperboom is as good as new, which we find reassuring.


  • Size and Weight: Portability is slightly compromised by its heaviness. Moving it around isn’t as effortless as with other speakers, rendering it less ideal for spontaneous excursions.
  • Deep Bass Limitations: While the bass is significant, we noticed it sometimes struggles with the deepest drops, which might disappoint the audiophiles among us.
  • No Voice Assistant Integration: In an era where voice control is almost a norm, the lack of this feature can be a drawback for some. We did miss shouting out our song requests at times.
  • Cost: The price point can be a barrier. We think it’s a substantial investment, so considering how much you’ll utilize all its features is worth considering.

The Hyperboom is quite a powerhouse in the portable speaker market. The pros heavily outweigh the cons, but we believe in painting the full picture to help you make the most informed decision.

Customer Reviews

Having explored what the Hyperboom brings to the table, it’s clear from the community feedback that its performance has resonated with many. We’ve seen users celebrate its rich sound quality, noting that it doesn’t just play music—it brings life to the party with clarity and depth. Even against rivals like the JBL 310, the Hyperboom holds its own, with a few users pointing out the slight trade-off in maximum volume for its impressive features.

Conversations around its battery longevity are common, with users finding the long playtime incredibly convenient for extended listening sessions. Practicality merges with performance, as portability is another commendation, making it easy for us to take high-quality audio on the go.

However, it’s not without its critiques. Some audiophiles mention the bass doesn’t hit the lowest of lows, which might be noticeable for those with a keen ear for deep bass drops. While the Hyperboom has been winning over users with its sound balance, those whose priority lies with voice assistant connectivity might find it lacking compared to alternatives.

In our experience, the sturdiness of the build and general quality come through in user testimonials. Durability isn’t just a feature; it’s a promise the Hyperboom delivers on. Lastly, the speaker’s capability to fill large spaces with sound makes it a favorite for outdoor gatherings. Having this speaker means you’re likely to be the heartbeat of every event, ensuring a memorable atmosphere.

Party Compatibility and Sound Expansion

When hosting a party, we often look for a speaker that delivers quality sound and keeps the vibe alive, no matter where we are. We’ve found that the Hyperboom ticks these boxes with its highly adaptable features. Its ability to read the room and adjust the EQ ensures that the music resonates perfectly with our surroundings, indoors or outdoors, on the patio.

Switching between devices is seamless, too, with multiple input options that let our friends play DJ without missing a beat. The robust battery life is a game changer; it powers through the entire event without the inconvenience of constant recharging. And when one speaker isn’t enough, the PartyUp feature allows for pairing with other UE speakers, escalating our gathering to new heights of auditory delight.

What stood out to us, especially, was the no-fuss attitude of this speaker towards poolside splashes, maintaining its cool with a reassuring IPX4 rating. However, despite its immersive sound, some may find its bass lacking in certain scenarios, so it’s always a balance between volume and depth of sound that we need to consider. But, overlooking that, its performance makes it a reliable centerpiece for any party.

Portability and Design Aesthetics

When it comes to blending in with home decor or standing out at a poolside bash, the Hyperboom’s sleek, monochromatic color scheme is exceptional. Despite its 13-pound weight, we’ve found it relatively easy to move around thanks to its built-in carry handle. The rugged design implies it can sustain a few knocks during transit, making it suitable for everything from serene evenings at home to spirited rooftop get-togethers.

Considering its dimensions, the Hyperboom fits into our lives more seamlessly than expected. The speaker isn’t just a portable device – it’s a statement piece with its towering silhouette and angular shape. We appreciate the thoughtfulness behind the spill and splash-proof fabric, which has handled occasional splashes without issue, making it a worry-free choice for outdoor use.

However, one should know that its considerable size might not suit all outings. The robust frame and heavier build are trade-offs for its impressive sound quality, and while it’s feasible to take the Hyperboom to events outdoors, it’s less suited for hiking or extended transport on foot. In summary, for those looking to bring cinematic soundscapes to their gatherings without compromising on style, the Hyperboom is a sound investment.


After thorough testing, we can confidently say that the Hyperboom stands out in its category. The sound quality is impressive, with a balance between highs and lows that often surpasses its competitors. We found its bass robust, yet it doesn’t overshadow the clarity of the vocals. Its portability is a boon, easy to move from room to room or take along for outdoor gatherings.

While the speaker boasts significant volume, it’s worth noting that those expecting earth-shattering bass drops might find it falls short. This shouldn’t be a deal-breaker given its overall performance, which is exceptional for most music genres. Its battery longevity also means the party goes uninterrupted for hours.

As with all tech, there’s room for improvement. The absence of voice assistant connectivity might deter some, but this was a minor drawback for our use. Factoring in build quality and audio performance, the Hyperboom presents a compelling choice for anyone searching for a dependable, high-quality portable speaker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having spent some quality time with the Ultimate Ears Hyperboom, we’ve gathered insights into some of the most common questions around it. Here’s a deep dive into what you might be curious about.

How does the Ultimate Ears Hyperboom compare to the JBL Boombox 3 regarding sound quality and features?

Comparing these hefty contenders, we notice that the Hyperboom brings a significant punch in bass and a crispness in highs, creating a vibrant soundscape. Its adaptive EQ does a remarkable job of adjusting the audio to the environment. The JBL Boombox 3, while also delivering substantial sound, might come across as more bass-forward, which may overshadow the finer details. In terms of features, both offer robust battery lives and connectivity options, but the Hyperboom leads with its four device connection capability and optical input that adds a layer of versatility.

What are the key differences between the UE Hyperboom and the MEGABOOM range of speakers?

The main differences lie in the size and sound delivery. Our experience tells us that Hyperboom stands at the top with its louder and bigger sound profile, designed for larger spaces and gatherings. It dwarfs the MEGABOOM speakers, which are geared more towards personal use with a more compact form. Technically speaking, the Hyperboom has a leg up with additional connectivity options and the adaptive EQ, which aren’t present in the MEGABOOM lineup.

Can the Ultimate Ears Hyperboom compete with high-end speakers for audiophile listeners?

For the audiophile crowd, the Hyperboom makes a good case for itself. Its expansive and dynamic sound retains clarity even at high volumes — commendable characteristics for a portable speaker. While it may not replace high-end stationary speakers that true audiophiles usually prefer, the Hyperboom certainly challenges the portable segment with its high-quality sound reproduction.

What is the estimated release date for the UE Hyperboom 2, and what upgrades are expected?

The release date for a potential UE Hyperboom 2 hasn’t been officially announced since our last check-up. Speculation within tech circles might hint at improvements like enhanced waterproofing, smarter connectivity features, and even more refined sound. However, the details remain speculative until more concrete information is released. We recommend following the brand’s announcements for the latest updates.

How does the loudness and maximum decibel level of the UE Hyperboom measure up to other large Bluetooth speakers?

In our gatherings, the UE Hyperboom was unmistakably the life of the party, delivering a robust volume that filled spaces impressively without distortion. It stands toe-to-toe with some of the loudest in its category. Although we haven’t put it through a decibel meter, it’s safe to say that it’s one of the stronger performers out there, easily matching or surpassing alternative large Bluetooth speakers in terms of loudness.

In comparing the Ultimate Ears Hyperboom and the Bose Revolve 2, which speaker provides better overall performance?

While the Bose Revolve 2 is acknowledged for its 360-degree sound and portability, the Hyperboom has the upper hand in overall performance in our tests. It excels with a more powerful sound output suitable for larger crowds and open areas. Moreover, the Hyperboom’s feature set, including its battery life and adaptive EQ, positions it as a more versatile option for varied listening scenarios. However, we appreciate the Revolve 2’s design and audio quality, which is synonymous with the Bose brand for those seeking a more intimate listening experience.

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