5 Excellent Cello Cases – Reliable and Convenient Instrument Transportation

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Investing in the best cello case is a wise decision since the instrument itself as well as accessories is of a higher price. Not only you can protect your precious cello, but the perfect item can hold all the notes, bow and many other accessories that can help you effectively handle the instrument before and after the rehearsal or concert.

When creating our list of top five cello cases we considered many features and factors. First, we’ve looked at what it was made of and what kind of design manufacturers chose to catch buyer’s eye. Size really matters as some cellos are larger than others and need more compartments for various accessories. There was also an evaluation of how much foam padding was there to cushion the instrument as well the types of straps or handles that could be attached.

We’ve spent numerous days, asking cello players who travel a lot and some of the experts who know their way around the instrument of which qualities to look for in the case and of the best models they’ve come across. First here are product specs, followed by in-depth product reviews, a comprehensive buying guide and answers on the most popular questions about the cello cases.

Top 5 Cello Cases Review 2024


Crossrock CRF4000CEFRGEditor’s Choice

  • Size: 51.8 x 14.4 x 9.1’’
  • Weight: 9.9 lbs
  • Latches: 8
  • Carbon fiber reinforced polymer exterior
  • Adjustable head fasten belt

More features: 8 latches, waterproof rubber strip seal, detachable backpack straps, wheels, two bow holders

Our Editor’s Choice is an outstanding case from Crossrock.  Its exterior is made of 100 percent pure, high-quality fiberglass with an elegant painting on its surface. An interior features extra soft padding and is lined with velvet, so you can rest assure that your cello would feel nice and cozy inside of it.

There are eight easy lock and open latches and tight rubber strips for extra security and for ensuring complete waterproofness of the case. This case also features an adjustable neck strap and head strap which are present in order to ensure the safety of the cello when the case is standing straight. A comfortable leather handle is also present along with two bow holders; removable padding and large accessory pocket for strings are also present.

It’s designed for 4/4 full size cello and one of the latches can be locked.

There’s also a deluxe detachable backpack strap which can pull up to 170 pounds and a sturdy grab handle on the back.

Some reviewers thought that it would be better for the case to have a place to put music instead of having to buy a music folio.

Why are we impressed?

  • Affordable full size cello case
  • Sheet music holder
  • Can pull 170 pounds
  • Waterproof seal
  • Attractive champagne color
  • Two bow holders

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Straps may wear out

Tonareli Fiberglass Cello Case with WheelsBest Case with Wheels

  • Size: 55.2 x 15 x 12’’
  • Weight: 14 lbs
  • Scratch resistant fiberglass
  • Wheels
  • Removable pull strap
  • Three permanent handles

More features: back pack straps and bow holder included, accessory pouch inside

This full-sized portable fiberglass cello case comes in elegant colors with a matte-look scratch resistant finish. It is reminiscent of the mod look of design in the sixties and would well suit a hip, younger musician. This cello case with its plush black interior boasts two bow holders, and accessory pouch that is large enough to hold a couple of books of sheet music. It is extremely light at only 14 lbs., which makes ideal for a younger or smaller individual to cart around.

This cello case is great for the travelers featuring three permanent padded handles to choose from. It is on rolling casters making it easy to pull around, whether it is from classroom to classroom or around a big airport. One of the handles at the top of the case allows you to easily cart the entire cello case about. However if you want to pick it up and carry it too as there are two big black side handles on it as well.

In general, this pink fiberglass cello case got fantastic reviews.  Customers loved the color and how it seemed to be light as a feather. However others noted that the latches on the case sometimes seemed hard to close or that they would not close completely.

Why did it make our list?

  • Weighs only 14 pounds
  • Scratch-resistant case
  • Large accessory pouch
  • Lots of handle options
  • Soft fabric interior

What is not ideal about it?

  • Latches may be hard to close

Mooradian ProfessionalBest Lightweight Cello Case

  • Size: 51 x 14.5 x 10’’
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • ¾’’ foam padding
  • Water resistant polyester
  • Padded bow sleeve
  • Warranty: 6 years

More features: padded handles and back straps, extra bridge protection

If you prefer to carry the weight of the cello alone, or have a kid who needs and extra lightweight cover for a precious instrument – you should consider this soft case from Mooradian that weighs mere 5 pounds.

It is comfortable to carry around since it has 0.75-inch padding at almost every part. Convenient bow sleeve, carrying handles, bridge and all the pockets have extra careful padding inserted to protect all the parts of the cello.

But that’s not all the features that can protect your instrument from environment – it’s made of water-resistant tear-proof polyester. The zipper (that also has an extra padding) runs through the whole case to prevent details from jamming or damaging the instrument add to it life-prolonging zipper end-guard.

To make your trip with it even more comfortable, this cello cover has additional backpack straps that allow you to carry the instruments hands free.

This excellent lightweight cello case comes in various sizes to fit the instrument of any level players, and comes in three different colors – burgundy, green and black. Stylish and easy to wash and carry around – this cello case will be a pleasant purchase for you or a well-received present for you musically gifted friends.

What makes it special?

  • Comfortable to carry
  • Different strap placements
  • ½” foam padding
  • Interior zipper with pin guard
  • Big accessory pockets

What cons did we find?

  • Heavier than most fabric cases

Bam France New Tech 1002NDeluxe Cello Case

  • Size: 53 x 20 x 13’’
  • Weight: 11.5 lbs
  • Latches: 5
  • Handles: 2
  • Warranty: 2-years limited
  • ABS triple-ply composite shell

More features: neoprene backpack straps, injected foam cushions, anti-slip and anti-wear rubber bottom patches

This portable fiberglass cello case has a glossy finish that appears matt in some lights.  It is made of triple composite ABS that is scratch resistant. A male-female style seal on the cello case rim keeps moisture out. Inside is an Airex skeleton padding with foam cushions that allows a complete suspension of the instrument inside of the case. It is one of the lightest plastic cello cases at only 11 lbs, which makes it ideal for any musician to tote around.

This cello case is great for musicians boasting two permanent padded handles: one on the front for towing and one on the side for carrying it like a suitcase. It is on rolling casters making it easy to pull around, and two rubber patches on the bottom prevent it from tipping over when stationary. Two comfortable neoprene straps that attach to a central hook allow you to easily throw the cello carrying case over your shoulder as you would a backpack.

This sleek, attractive cello case got fantastic reviews. Customers loved the lightness and the durability of the ABS shell. Some reviewers thought that the interior pockets that hold the tuning fork, rosin and cloth could have been made of heavier, sturdier material.

What do we love it for?

  • Attractive durable ABS case
  • Anti-slip rubber patches
  • Complete cello suspension
  • Neoprene back straps
  • Snap’n’lock latches

What were we disappointed with?

  • Case lining wears thin

Travelite TL-20 DeluxeBudget Pick

  • Size: 49 x 19.5 x 13’’
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • High-density foam cavity
  • Heavy-duty nylon exterior cover

More features: plush velour interior, two bow-holders and neck support, hygrometer, zipper, removable back pack straps

This budget-friendly cello case is lightweight and made of a high-grade ballistic nylon that both protects and insulates the instrument as well.  It is absolutely ideas for musicians who travel a lot by bus and airport, because it has wheels. Despite the fact that this is a soft case, the interior is fully lined and padded and contains foam pads that cradle the instrument. A wooden arched top construct around the edge of the case protects the cello from bumps and jostles. Inside the case the cello is also protected by Velcro strap that fits tightly around the instrument’s neck.

A truly great feature of this case is that it also has a hygrometer that helps to measure the humidity inside of the case. This is important because the level of moisture in the air can affect both the tone and condition of the cello because wood absorbs moisture. Extreme changes in humidity can also cause damage.

Customers who purchased this cello case were very impressed by the hygrometer and almost glove-like fit of the instrument around the cello. On the negative side of things the case off-gasses an odor when new and some reviewers have complained that the case falls apart after a few uses.

What are our favorite features?

  • Inbuilt hygrometer
  • Plush interior resists scratches
  • Padded neck support on strap
  • Durable nylon exterior
  • Light at 8 pounds

What could be better?

  • Foam detaches from fabric
  • Off gassing

Things to Consider

Before buying a cello case there are a number of factors that you might want to consider including whether or not you want a soft or hard case, how many compartments the interior has and whether or not it can be carried like a backpack. Whether or not you use the cello case occasionally or for a great deal of travel might also be a factor to consider, as well as its cost.

Types of cello cases

There are many different types of cello cases on the market, with the biggest differentiation being those made of fabric, such as our Budget Pick the Travelite TL-20 Deluxe which is made from nylon and those constructed of fiberglass such as the Tonareli Fiberglass Cello. Almost all cello cases come with wheels for easy towing of the instrument and some come with padded rubber bottoms that allow the cello to be balanced upright when not in use.

Price tag

A hard cello case is not necessarily more expensive than a fabric one. It really depends on the brand and the excellence of the case’s construction.  However, in general fabric cases are cheaper. You can expect to pay anywhere from 229.00 for a oblong case like the Travelite TL-20 Deluxe model but for the most part, quality soft and hard shell cello cases are in the $500 to $600 range as is the case with the soft Moorodian Soft Case and the hard Crossrock CRF4000CEFRG.

Features to consider while buying the perfect cello case

The following descriptions and explanations will guide you through cello cases anatomy and most important characteristics that will help you choose your cello case.

5 Excellent Cello Cases - Reliable and Convenient Instrument Transportation


The size of the cello case is one of the most important things to consider before you go shopping for a cello case. The standard total length of a case to fit most cellos is 48 ½ inches. If the case is larger than that it might be accommodating special padding or wood arches that support the suspension of the instrument inside of the case. All of our top best cello cases have this feature.


Most cello cases come with compartments for your sheet music and bows, but if you want extra room for accessories then it is best to purchase an oblong case. As an extra you can purchase special pockets for sheets that can be put under the instrument during transportation.


Think of your personal comfort when choosing a cello case. The lighter the case is, the better, for some people. Cases tend to range in weight between 7 and 14 pounds. Keep in mind as well that a fabric case such as our recommended Mooradian Professional only weighs about 3 pounds less than true arched wood with nylon constructed case such as the oblong Travelite TL-20 Deluxe case, which is also our budget case. Also, the purpose determines the weight. It is more comfortable to take a lightweight bag-case with you on a rehearsal, but if you have to fly across the country, it’s better to choose the more reliable and heavy hard-shell cases.


Cello cases also come in various shapes including dart and shaped cases, which are popular because they fit the cello closely like an item of clothing. Oblong-shaped cases such as our Budget Pick, the Travelite TL-20 Deluxe are also quite standard, and are the item to purchase if you simply do not know which type of case you want to buy because you do not know the required size.

Handle or strap?

Almost all of our top cello case choices come with at least one handle for towing the case on wheels and another for carrying it as one would a guitar case. Some come with sliding seatbelt style adjustable straps and all of our top choices all come with the option to strap the cello case to your back. Which one is best? This is the question of convenience of every individual person. Backstraps can be useful and leave your hands free, yet have a certain impact on your back. Yet carrying the cello by the handle, you shall remember to swap hands, so you won’t burden one body side and get a spine and shoulder problems.

5 Excellent Cello Cases - Reliable and Convenient Instrument Transportation

Safety locks

Some cases come with safety locks and other come with just latches. The more latches that are on the case, the better. Look for a cello case that has at least 5 latches. The Crossrock CRF4000CEFRG, which is our choice for best all-around cello case has 8 latches to keep your instrument protected at all the levels possible. Yet both of the closures require careful tending and once you feel them getting harder to open-close, you should lubricate them or check if all the crews are in place and don’t need any adjustment.


The appearance of a cello case is largely a matter of personal taste and in our top choices we have two glossy hard cases made of fiberglass, a heavy duty arched wood and nylon case and a soft waterproof polyester case. Most of the cases have a great variety of colors and might make a fine present for your fellow musicians.


First, you shall be as careful with it as it holds your most precious of the instruments inside. Second, follow some basic rules that will help you prolong case’s life. Most useful accessory  we can advice is a hygrometer, for example SMARTRO SC42, it will help you measure humidity levels and prevent the materials taking damage. The outsides of your case should be cleaned after every use, whether you carried the instrument from class to class, and especially if you’ve travelled far. The interior is cleaned with slightly moist fabrics if needed, generally, it won’t have much dust if kept close. Just some particles you get from the cello. Be careful with the latches and back straps, they are usually the first ones to brake due to careless twitching and pulling. If you won’t be using case and cello for a long time, put in a closet under the cover, any fabrics will do.

Cruel cabin rules require you to check your cello in the baggage, and even the best cello case won’t guarantee 100% safety if not prepared for the job correctly. Hard shell cases, obviously, are the ones to withstand most of the harsh impacts during the travel. Inside it should have durable lining or foam cushioning and your cello must fit inside perfectly and be properly anchored by straps. To leave no chance to airport services that might act carelessly towards the instrument, you should prepare exterior cushioning for the case, practically wrapping foam around. Put the ‘FRAGILE. INTRUMENT INSIDE’ sticker on the front and the back of the ‘’package’’, and mention to leave a special note by the airport services as you register the case as the baggage.

Our Verdict

If you own a cello already, you may consider going ahead and buying a cello case alongside. The cello is a really expensive musical instrument and the responsibility of ensuring its protection falls to you. When you’re carrying a cello, probably to or from a recital or rehearsal, it is very probable that it’d get scratched or damaged and such damages can be avoided by purchasing a case for the protection of the cello.

The Tonareli Fiberglass Cello Case with Wheels and the Crossrock CRF4000CEFRG remain your best cello case options if you’re not shy of money.

The Crossrock CRF4000CEFRG is elected to be our Editor’s Choice for a good reason – its great value for the money, hard-shell scratch resistant item, that will securely hold your instrument.

The Tonareli Fiberglass Cello Case is another type of hard-shell case for it’s convenient to carry around and take on long trips and even is safe to fly with.

The Mooradian professional case is also a good option if you are concerned about the convenience of carrying your case or especially if you are buying it for your child because it guarantees much necessary comfort to them when the case is carried.

Also, look out for how many compartments you need to carry around such as spare strings, cleaning clothes and music sheets and buy a cello case that fits. This would also prevent you from purchasing additional bags to carry around.

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