6 Best Violin Cases – Reviews and Buying Guide

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Violins are among the most beautiful sounding instruments in the world, and they deserve to be kept safe and in pristine condition, which can only be attained through the use of a strong case. The best violin case can keep your violins protected at all times, especially as you travel around from one place to another. They also help to keep your violin safe from the elements, allowing them to stay free of scratches, knocks, and other forms of damage, but every case is different.

Some violin cases offer much more space than others. Some of them offer additional pockets and storage sections for bows and accessories. Some of them will also feature a built-in hygrometer. We considered all of these different features and factors when putting together our list of the best violin cases. We looked at a lot of different models, as well as reading through many user reviews and critical reviews of each one, in order to choose the best models to share with you in this list.

Below, you can find a comparison table showing the top-rated cases we found, complete with their ratings and nominations. Further down the page, you’ll be able to read through detailed reviews of each violin case. Each review will list the pros and cons of every case, as well as letting you see the full specifications, including size, weight, storage capacity, and extra features. Finally, you can read our violin case buying guide to learn more about what to look out for when buying a violin case.

Top 6 Violin Cases Review 2024


Bam France Classic 5003S Violin CaseEditor’s Choice

  • Dimensions: 40 x 16 x 9 inches
  • Weight: 6.4 lbs.
  • Exterior: water-resistant Cordura
  • Bow holders: 2
  • Hygrometer: not specified

Extra features: removable accessory bag; 2 shoulder straps; high-density foam interior with a plush top layer

At the top of our list, the very best violin case for travel we found is the Bam France Classic 5003S Violin Case. Designed for 4/4 violins, this case comes from one of the best brands in the business and features a super strong Cordura cover, which is highly durable and resistant, keeping the contents of the case safe and protected at all times. It’s fully water-resistant too, meaning you never have to worry about your violin getting wet while walking in the rain.

Inside, the Bam France Classic 5003S Violin Case features a plush black interior made from injected high-density foam and corrugated reinforcement. The foam is just right for absorbing shocks and impacts, keeping the violin completely undisturbed and 100% safe through all your travels. Plus, it comes with a strong carry handle and a zipper enclosure, making it easy to carry around and open or close whenever you like.

The only real flaws we could find with the Bam France Classic 5003S Violin Case are the fact that it’s one of the heavier cases on our list and it’s also one of the most expensive. However, its many pros far outweigh these simple drawbacks, with the added accessory bag helping to add a lot of value for the buyer.

What makes it special?

  • Waterproof exterior
  • Comes with an accessory bag
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Excellent quality foam interior
  • Strong and durable

What cons did we find?

  • One of the heavier cases
  • High price

Protec Double Professional 4/4 Violin PRO PAC CaseBest Professional Violin Case

  • Dimensions: 31 x 5 x 11.5 inches
  • Weight: 6 lbs.
  • Exterior: 1680D ballistic nylon
  • Bow holders: 4
  • Hygrometer: yes

Extra features: fits two violins; velvet interior; music pocket

The best double violin case on our list, the Protec Double Professional 4/4 Violin PRO PAC Case is made from a 1680D ballistic nylon exterior and a soft velvet interior. The ballistic nylon comes with a built-in rain jacket to ensure that the contents of the case are always dry and safe, and it’s super strong and resistant too, able to withstand bumps and knocks without any problems.

Inside, the red velvet interior of the Protec Double Professional 4/4 Violin PRO PAC Case gives it a lot of class and style, adding to its overall professional aesthetic. It comes with space for four bows, with safe and easy to use clips to hold them all in place, and features a rear sheet music pocket too. The Protec Double Professional 4/4 Violin PRO PAC Case is also fitted with a TSA-grade lock for maximum security, and user reviews of this particular case have been exceptionally positive.

The only real flaw people mention in regard to the Protec Double Professional 4/4 Violin PRO PAC Case is the fact that it doesn’t have any room for a shoulder rest, but it can store two whole violins, making it one of the most functional and versatile violin cases on our list. It comes with hygrometer too, letting you know whether or not the air is safe for your violin.

Why are we impressed?

  • Can store two violins
  • Safe and strong
  • Gorgeous velvet interior
  • Space for four bows and music
  • TSA lock
  • Tough nylon exterior

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • No room for shoulder rest

Aileen 4/4 Full Size Violin Hard CaseBest Mid-Range Violin Case

  • Dimensions: 31.3 x 9.8 x 4.5 inches
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Exterior: reinforced fiberglass
  • Bow holders: 2
  • Hygrometer: yes

Extra features: available in a range of colors; quilted velvet interior

If you’re looking for the best lightweight violin case, look no further than the Aileen 4/4 Full Size Violin Hard Case. Weighing in at just 5 lbs, this is one of the best ultralight options out there today, and it’s also one of the smallest violin cases too, featuring a super stylish, compact design. Despite the relatively small size of the Aileen 4/4 Full Size Violin Hard Case, it comes with a lot of storage space, offering enough room for two bows and several accessories.

Unfortunately, the Aileen 4/4 Full Size Violin Hard Case doesn’t have a specific shoulder rest compartment. Instead, you have to make use of a little holder on the outside to store your shoulder rest, which some users have complained about. Aside from that, it’s hard to find a single flaw with this model. It’s tough, being made with a deluxe fiberglass exterior, and it’s attractive, featuring a plush velvet interior. It comes in a bunch of different color options too, including blue and black, and it’s available at a decent, mid-range price.

The Aileen 4/4 Full Size Violin Hard Case comes with a built-in hygrometer for moisture level monitoring, offering accurate humidity readings to help you keep your violin safe at all times, and it’s really comfortable and easy to carry around, with various straps and handles.

What makes it special?

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Multiple color options
  • Attractive and soft velvet interior
  • Comes with a hygrometer
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Very easy to carry around

What cons did we find?

  • No shoulder rest compartment

Sky Violin Oblong Case VNCW07Best Wood Violin Case

  • Dimensions: 32 x 7 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 7 lbs.
  • Exterior: weather-proof canvas
  • Bow holders: 4
  • Hygrometer: yes

Extra features: large music sheet pocket; velvet interior with a matching blanket; other color options available

Definitely one of the best violin hard case models around right now, the Sky Violin Oblong Case VNCW07 is made from solid wood, with a canvas cloth exterior. It comes with plenty of storage inside, offering enough space for rosin, a shoulder rest, shoulder straps, and other accessories, as well as four separate bow holders and a clear tube for your violin strings. In short, it will hold more or less all of your violin gear.

The Sky Violin Oblong Case VNCW07 comes with hand carry handles and shoulder straps, giving you the flexibility and freedom to carry it however you like, either in the hand or over the shoulder. This case features a beautiful velvet interior too, with a distinctive European style. In terms of safety and security, it comes with a rainproof canvas layer to keep it safe from the elements, and it features a hygrometer for moisture monitoring.

The only real flaws to this case are the fact that the price is a little on the steep side compared to other options, and it’s also one of the heaviest cases on our list, weighing in at 7 lbs. Aside from these simple issues, there’s a lot to love about the Sky Violin Oblong Case VNCW07.

What are our favorite features?

  • Beautiful velvet interior
  • Rain proof canvas coating
  • Strong solid wood construction
  • Easy to carry with handles and straps
  • Hygrometer built-in.

What could be better?

  • One of the heaviest models
  • Slightly high price

Crossrock 4/4 Full Size Violin CaseBest for Air Travel

  • Dimensions: 31.7 x 11 x 5.9 inches
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Exterior: ABS hardshell
  • Bow holders: 2
  • Hygrometer: no

Extra features: available in a range of colors; backpack design; foam interior; features a combination lock

One of the more affordable entries on our list and also the best violin case for air travel, the Crossrock 4/4 Full Size Violin Case is a tough, sturdy model with an ABS exterior. Just from looking at this violin case, you can see how strong it is, and the Crossrock 4/4 Full Size Violin Case is available in a huge range of color options to suit all tastes and preferences too, including blue, yellow, purple, green, black, and silver.

Offering great value for money, the Crossrock 4/4 Full Size Violin Case features a spacious accessory compartment with its own separate lid, as well as a hard foam core with half suspension and plush lining. There’s space for two bows, and the whole case can be carried either with the handle or as a backpack, for your convenience. It’s also relatively compact and lightweight, in spite of its strength and sturdiness, although some users have complained that the shoulder straps aren’t super comfortable.

Unfortunately, the Crossrock 4/4 Full Size Violin Case doesn’t come equipped with a hygrometer, which is a minor drawback, but you can always spend the extra money you save on this model on a separate hygrometer. It features a combination lock, as well, letting you keep your violin totally safe, which is a nice bonus that many other cases don’t have.

Why is it special?

  • Very tough exterior shell
  • Comes in several color options
  • Can be carried as a backpack
  • Strong foam interior
  • Combination lock for security
  • Relatively lightweight and compact

What are the flaws?

  • Uncomfortable shoulder straps
  • Dimensions: 32 x 13 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 4 lbs.
  • Exterior: 600D nylon exterior
  • Bow holders: 2
  • Hygrometer: not specified

Extra features: shock-absorbing foam frame and suspension padding; comes with blanket; 2 accessory compartments; can be carried as a backpack

If you want a top quality violin case but don’t want to have to invest hundreds of dollars in your purchase, look no further than the Protec MX044 4/4 Violin Shaped MAX Case. Our Budget Pick for this list, this violin case offers a lot of value for money and is available at a super attractive price. Naturally, as a budget model, this case lacks some of the strength and features of others, but it’s still got a lot to offer.

The Protec MX044 4/4 Violin Shaped MAX Case doesn’t come with any locks or fancy water resistance technology, but it is built well, featuring a strong and sturdy frame that can absorb shocks with ease and keep your violin totally safe. It has space for two bows, as well, along with a separate zipped bag for accessories like the shoulder rest. Some users have complained that they don’t like having to store their accessories in a separate bag, but this is one of the compromises that needs to be made when buying a budget model.

Overall, the Protec MX044 4/4 Violin Shaped MAX Case is one of the most lightweight violin cases we found. It’s really comfortable to carry, with violin players of various ages all enjoying carrying it around over their shoulders, in their hands, or on their backs as a backpack, and it even comes with a blanket too.

What makes it special?

  • Very lightweight
  • Can be carried around as a backpack
  • Strong frame to absorb shocks
  • Comes with a blanket
  • Room for accessories
  • Very comfortable to carry

What cons did we find?

  • Budget model made of cheaper materials
  • Shoulder rest and other accessories stored in external bag

Things to Consider

Having looked at some of the best violin cases you can buy, it’s now time to think about what you need to look for when shopping for one. You’ll have to consider your budget, your reasons for buying a violin case, how you’re going to use it, and the various features and factors of each case to choose the right one. This buying guide will help you decide.

Why it’s worth investing in a top-quality violin case

Here are just some reasons why you might want to buy a top quality violin case:

  • Money Saving – Violins are often quite expensive instruments, and if they suffer any damage and need to be repaired or replaced, you can end up paying out a lot of money. Top quality cases help to reduce the risks and save you cash in the long term.
  • Protection – Of course, the ultimate goal of the best violin cases is to keep your violin safe. Violins are attractive, high quality instruments that deserve the best standards of care, and a strong case can ensure that your violin stays free of any knocks, dents, or damages.
  • Convenience and Comfort – Having a top quality case to store your violin and carry it comfortably and easily can be so much more convenient than making use of a cheaper, lower quality alternative.
  • Flexibility – As well as providing ample space to store your violin, some of the best violin cases, like the Protec MX044 4/4 Violin Shaped MAX Case, can come with additional storage spaces for bows, accessories, music, and more, giving them a lot of flexibility.

Features to consider when choosing a violin case

6 Best Violin Cases – Reviews and Buying GuideWhen shopping for a violin case, there are quite a few different features and factors to think about. You have to consider each of these factors and determine how important each one is for you. Some people will favor cases that are easy to carry around, for example, while others will want to focus on finding the case that offers the most support and protection for their violins. Read on to learn about the individual factors you need to know.


The size of your violin case is an important factor to consider. Some of these cases can get quite big, and you need to think about where you’re going to be taking them and how often you’re going to be traveling with them, considering how important the size of the case is to you. Some people will prefer a smaller and more compact case, like the Aileen 4/4 Full Size Violin Hard Case, which is more convenient to carry around when compared to the larger options out there.


As well as the size of the case, its weight is another thing to think about. Violin players often have to carry these cases quite a lot, often over long distances, upstairs, and more, so you don’t want to be weighed down too badly with a very heavy case. This is especially true if you tend to struggle with back pain or have other issues that could be made worse by carrying something heavy. There are some very lightweight cases out there, like the Crossrock 4/4 Full Size Violin Case.

6 Best Violin Cases – Reviews and Buying GuideExterior materials and inner lining

The materials that make your case are what help to define how effective it really is at keeping your violin and other accessories safe. The exterior is what will absorb any shocks from knocks or drops as you move around, so it has to be tough and strong, like the ballistic nylon of the Protec Double Professional 4/4 Violin PRO PAC Case. Meanwhile, the interior needs to be soft but resistant, like the foam of the Bam France Classic 5003S Violin Case, which also has a water-resistant exterior.

Compartments and pockets

The best violin cases won’t just store and protect your violin, they’ll also offer plenty of extra space and pockets for additional items like bows, shoulder rests, and other accessories. Some violin cases, like the Protec Double Professional 4/4 Violin PRO PAC Case, can even come with space for a second violin. Choosing a case with lots of additional storage can be very beneficial and highly convenient for all your trips and travels.

How easy is it to carry and transport?

Carrying any kind of big bag or case around with you often can get tiring, especially if the bag or case in question is awkward to hold or uncomfortable for you to carry. If you tend to move around a lot with your violin in tow, it’s important to think about your own comfort. You don’t want to find yourself dealing with back pain or experiencing frustration and discomfort from having to carry the bag. The best violin cases will be easy to carry around with you. Some of them, like the Aileen 4/4 Full Size Violin Hard Case, will feature straps or handles that feel comfortable in the hands and allow the violin to be transported without any hassle. Some cases, like the Protec MX044 4/4 Violin Shaped MAX Case, can even be carried like a backpack.

6 Best Violin Cases – Reviews and Buying GuideHygrometer

A hygrometer can be a very important feature in a violin case, but not all cases have them. A hygrometer serves by essentially checking the humidity rating of the surrounding environment around the case. The wood that violins are made from generally doesn’t cope well in very dry conditions (under 40% humidity), so the hygrometer allows you to see whether or not it’s safe to open the case and get the violin out, or whether you should leave it stored safely away. Choosing a violin case with a hygrometer, like the Sky Violin Oblong Case VNCW07, can, therefore, give you a little extra functionality from your case.


In general, neither option is necessarily better than the other, as it all depends on the build quality and materials used. Most of the best violin cases are made with hard and tough exteriors that can be dropped or knocked without harming the violin inside, and this is generally the best option to choose if you care about your violin and want to keep it as safe as possible, but softer exterior materials can sometimes be reinforced by a solid interior, so you shouldn’t always judge a case based purely on the exterior material.

A hygrometer can be a great feature of a violin case, but it isn’t always essential. Some of the best violin cases come with hygrometers, like the Crossrock 4/4 Full Size Violin Case. If you still want to benefit from a hygrometer, you can buy a separate one and simply carry it around with you. There are both electronic and dial-type or mechanical hygrometers to choose from. The latter has been used for over a century, while the digital/electronic ones are quite recent. Each variant has its advantages.

In general, this won’t be possible. Violin cases are designed with violins in made and usually have a perfectly sized and shaped compartment for the violin to go in and be totally secure. Violas are slightly larger than violins, meaning that they won’t usually fit in violin cases. If you are a violin player who also plays the viola, you may have to buy a separate case for your viola. You can also potentially invest in a double case or combination case, which allows you to store both instruments in separate spaces.

Our Verdict

Overall, our top-rated violin case is the Bam France Classic 5003S Violin Case. A strong, durable, easy to carry case that offers all the storage and safety you need, this case is made from some of the very best materials around.

The next best violin case is the Protec Double Professional 4/4 Violin PRO PAC Case with its capacity for two violins, aesthetical looks, and a hygrometer and a built-in rain jacket, wich help you to be always sure, that your instruments are dry and safe.

Our third favorite violin case is the Aileen 4/4 Full Size Violin Hard Case. Due to the combination of its toughness and attractive looks it will not only secure your instrument but will help you to be in.

  1. Louis Farlow Nov 3, 2020

    I was disappointed that the specific size of the violins each case could accommodate was not mentioned. Full size 4/4 violins can range from 13 3/4″ to 14 1/2″. Many of the cases you reviewed will not accommodate an instrument larger than 14″. So if you have a larger instrument it would be of benefit to know which cases will work.

    • Thank you for your feedback and bringing up this important point. We apologize for not including the specific size of the violins that each case can accommodate in our reviews. We understand how crucial it is to have this information, especially for those with larger instruments.

      To address this issue, we will update our reviews to include the maximum size of the violins that each case can accommodate. This way, you and other readers will have a clearer understanding of whether a particular case will work for your instrument.

      We appreciate your input and strive to provide comprehensive and accurate information to our readers. If you have any further questions or suggestions, please feel free to let us know. Thank you for your support!

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