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Ableton/Toontrack workflow tips

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hi folks - anybody using Superior Drummer (or any toontrack thing) on Live? if so - what’s your production/writing/mixing workflow like? Drum racks? Midi effect racks? flat-out just mixing kits within Superior?

I’ve been slowly trying to learn Live now that 12 came out, and I’d like to figure out a proper workflow for this specific scenario. Coming from the Cubase/Studio One side of things, I haven’t really found anything that isn’t way too complicated, or laborious... to put it mildly.
To describe what I want to accomplish: my drum programming workflow is just drawing on the piano roll, so seeing the labeled keys properly is a must. I also like to process the kit in the DAW as opposed to using the Superior Drummer mixer. And so, what I have tried so far…
- Setting up multi outs for Superior to process in the DAW is pretty straightforward. However, the piano roll isn’t labeled.
- I managed to get the labels on the piano roll by creating a Drum Rack. However, **as far as I can see**, this doesn’t really create any audio tracks for each part of the kit so the processing would be limited to using Superior, and on the the Drum Rack itself (using it as a sort of Drum Bus).
- Finally, I also found that Midi Effect Racks could in theory allow for a middle ground between the two points above. However, before I throw myself into the mind-numbing task of spending another hour labelling keys, I thought I’d ask if y’all have any experience or recommended workflows.

Thanks in advance!