The Fastest Rap Song Unveiled: A Deep Dive into Rhythmic Mastery

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At Prime Sound, we share a profound adoration for the artistry that encapsulates the genre of rap music. Through intricate wordplay and rhythmical prowess, rap songs often mirror the heartbeat of narratives that resonate on a broader spectrum. Among the myriad styles, the niche of rapid-rap holds a unique allure. It’s not merely about the audacious speed but the mastery of maintaining coherent storytelling amidst the tempest of syllables. Today, we endeavor to embark on a riveting journey through the annals of the fastest rap songs ever crafted. It’s an expedition that transcends the superficial layer, delving into the heart of rhythmic velocity, punctuated by the iconic tracks that have defined this realm.

The Pioneers of Pace: Trailblazers in Fast Rap


  • Track: Mista Tung Twista (1992)
  • Speed: 11.2 syllables per second

Twista, initially known as Tung Twista, heralded the dawn of fast rap with his debut album, Runnin’ Off at da Mouth. The track “Mista Tung Twista” not only showcased his rhythmic finesse but etched his name in the Guinness World Records as the “World’s Fastest Rapper,” marking the genesis of a new rap velocity.


  • Track: 100 Miles & Running ft. Wale and John Lindahl (2018)
  • Speed: 11.7 syllables per second

Logic, the Maryland maestro, stormed the scene with his blistering pace in “100 Miles & Running,” a testament to the new age rhythmic virtuosity.

Busta Rhymes

  • Track: Break Ya Neck (2001)
  • Speed: 12.2 syllables per second

Busta Rhymes’ “Break Ya Neck” is a rhythmic rumble, an epitome of controlled chaos that still resonates through the annals of rap music.

The Zenith of Speed: Unveiling the Fastest Rap Tracks


  • Track: Power Up (2017)
  • Speed: 28.9 syllables per second

Crucified’s “Power Up” is not merely a song; it’s the epitome of rhythmic alacrity. With a staggering 28.9 syllables per second, it stands as the zenith of rap speed, a monumental testament to the unyielding spirit of artistic endeavor.

Rebel XD

  • Track: Record Breaker (World’s Fastest Rap)
  • Speed: 20.28 syllables per second

Rebel XD’s journey through the realms of speed, culminating in “Record Breaker,” is a narrative of relentless pursuit, one that echoes through each rapid rhyme.

DJ Lil Sprite

  • Track: Undaground Choppers 6
  • Speed: 19.9 syllables per second

“Undaground Choppers 6” is a confluence of rhythmic maestros orchestrated by DJ Lil Sprite, epitomizing the essence of collaborative velocity.

Eminem: Master of Speed

In the dominion of rapid rap, Eminem’s name reverberates with a distinct resonance. His rhythmic journey is an expedition through the tempest of speed, each track a testament to his unyielding prowess. Let’s unfold the chapters of his rapid-rap saga.


  • Track: Godzilla ft. Juice WRLD (2020)
  • Speed: 10.6 syllables per second

“Godzilla” isn’t merely a song; it’s a rhythmic titan that stands tall amidst the rapid rap realm. Featuring the poignant verses of Juice WRLD, it’s a melodic behemoth that stormed the charts globally, with Guinness World Records recognizing it for the “Fastest Rap in a No. 1 Single”.


  • Track: Majesty ft. Labrinth & Eminem (2018)
  • Speed: 10.3 syllables per second

“Majesty” is a lyrical coronation, a union of rhythmic royalties with Eminem delivering verses of audacious speed, showcasing a seamless blend of rhythmic alacrity and lyrical profundity.

Rap God

  • Track: Rap God (2013)
  • Speed: 9.6 syllables per second

“Rap God” is where Eminem’s rapid rap odyssey soared to new heights. It’s a rhythmic proclamation, a narrative rich in lyrical prowess and rhythmic rapidity, earning the Guinness World Record for “Most Words in a Hit Single”.

The Undercurrents of Underground Rapid Rap

The underground realm of rap is a haven of rhythmic renegades, where the fervor of speed finds a resounding echo.


  • Track: Crispy (192) (2013)
  • Speed: 14.1 syllables per second

Tonedeff’s “Crispy (192)” is a rhythmic gem, blending audacious speed and lyrical intricacy, marking him as a notable figure in the underground rapid rap domain.

Twisted Insane

  • Track: The Chop Shop (2015)
  • Speed: 15.7 syllables per second

Twisted Insane’s “The Chop Shop” is a rhythmic rollercoaster, a testament to his ability to intertwine narrative coherence with jaw-dropping speed.


  • Track: New West (2005)
  • Speed: 14.1 syllables per second

NoClue’s “New West” is a rhythmic narrative that catapulted him to the Guinness World Record for “Fastest Rap MC”, an accolade that echoes his mastery over the velocity of verses.

The Global Gallop: Speed Beyond Borders

Rap music transcends geographical confines, and the realm of rapid rap resonates globally.

Tech N9ne

  • Track: Worldwide Choppers ft. Various Artists (2011)
  • Speed: 13 syllables per second (Tech N9ne’s verse)

“Worldwide Choppers” is a global gallop through the realms of rapid rap, an ensemble of fast MCs from across the globe painting a rhythmic tapestry rich in cultural and lyrical diversity.


The realm of rapid rap is a rhythmic odyssey, a journey through the velocity of verses. It’s a narrative where each syllable echoes the unyielding spirit of artistic endeavor, resonating through the annals of musical history. Through the lens of Prime Sound, we have endeavored to unravel the rhythmic riddles that define this unique niche. As the saga of speed continues to unfold, the future holds a promise of rhythmic revelations that will continue to captivate the hearts of aficionados globally.

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