Audio Interfaces: Product Reviews, Ratings and Buying Guides

The Thunderbolt audio interface is the central interface for recording and playing audio signals in and out of your computer. More precisely, audio signals are converted from analog to digital for recording or in the opposite direction for listening. This audio interface replaces the internal sound card of the PC or ...

Maono is one of the leading audio microphone companies founded in 2014. The company is highly regarded for its quality products, including wireless and vocal mics. And today, we will review their Maonocaster E2, an all-in-one interface-podcast production studio with a premium mic preamp for high-quality podcast ...

In this guide we'll explain how to connect your audio interface to a computer and what tools you are going to need for that.

To bring ease to your buying process, we have reviewed the best studio monitors on the market that cost not more than 100$, and here we present our top picks.

In this post, we delve into the best ways to connect your MIDI keyboard to an audio interface: via MIDI cable, USB cable and MIDI hub.

We compare RCA S/PDIF vs TOSLINK S/PDIF and highlight the advantages and drawbacks to each type of connection.