Maonocaster E2 Review – Budget Audio Interface For Podcasters

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Last updatedLast updated: February 04, 2024
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Maono is one of the leading audio microphone companies founded in 2014. The company is highly regarded for its quality products, including wireless and vocal mics.

And today, we will review their Maonocaster E2, an all-in-one interface-podcast production studio with a premium mic preamp for high-quality podcast recording and streaming. You can connect to it with your PC or smartphone, which can be a useful device for DJs.

On paper, it’s a pretty powerful piece of equipment, but should you buy it, let’s find out.


The company launched the E2 podcast console after selling more than 200,000 units of their Maonocaster Lite in more than 50 markets.

This console features a new design that comes with substantial improvements in performance as well as new features. The company has improved the overall user experience and fixed a few glitches using customer feedback. 

The E2 keeps all the features that the customers love from the predecessor models. Plus, it comes with some additional features like XLR mic support.

It comes with inbuilt phantom mic amps with a gain switch. It enables you to use any XLR dynamic or condenser mics and record clear sound.

Ideal for Streamers – An Audio Production Studio with Full Integration

The E2 combines all the revolutionary features from the previous models with the superior sound quality that it can manage.

It guarantees endless customizability, and its user-friendliness is impeccable. The E2 is all that you will ever need to record some high-quality audio for your online content. Therefore, it’s an ideal choice for streamers.

It is preferable for podcast recording, voice-over, and content development. This unit is fully compatible with smartphones, PCs (including both Macs and Windows), cameras, and tablets.

Enhance the Podcast Atmosphere – A Podcast Console That Comes with Customized Sound Pads

The E2 features inbuilt preamps and supports phantom power to ensure the best performance from your XLR mics. It supports ultra-low noise gain that is up to 60 dB. The unit equally works well with high-end dynamic mics, including the likes of SM58 and SM57.

The 32-bit high-performance chipset pair well with the Denoise function and will guarantee much clearer sound. The console features up to 11 customized pads for enhancing the overall atmosphere of your podcast.

Have Fun with Your Fully Personalized Podcast Environment

The unit comes with six different reverb mods. Therefore, you get the option of adjusting the death and time of your reverb without any limitation. Moreover, the 12-step auto-tune further helps you in refining your audio quality.

And to add to that, there are 3 different ones that you can modify, including bass, treble, and mid-range. Each mic input that the console features can be controlled independently. Not only that, there are some pro features such as music only, sidechain, and loopback switch for further personalizing your podcast environment.

Handle Your Live Action Exquisitely With Different Connectivity Options

One of the best features of this podcast control is that its Tikmic is compatible with USB-C. So you can conveniently connect your tablet or computer. In other words, you can go live using any device for streaming or podcasting using Monitor SPK.

The console will enable you to connect your studio monitor for excellent sound output, and you can use your aux-in jack to connect your smartphone or any other device.

If you want to connect your favorite XLR mic, whether conder or dynamic, you can do that using Mic 1/2.

Connect Any Analogue Mic That You Love

The E2 is compatible with a wide variety of analog microphones. These include XLR microphones, including both dynamic and condenser mics. It also works with 6.35mm dynamic mics along with 3.5mm mics.

But you must remember that USB microphones are not supported here. On the other hand, the console works well with Maono PM500, PM320, and HD300.

Apart from that, this console is compatible with mics of other brands. These include the likes of Shure SM58, Shure SM57, Shure SM7B, Samson Q2U, Rode Podmic, and others.

What Additional Features Does It Have to Offer?

There is a wide range of other features that this powerful podcast console has to offer. We are listing them down for your convenience.

  • The console can deliver up to a working time of 8 hours after full charging, and it can satisfy any use in a wide range of scenarios. The console comes with a 2000 mAh battery, and you can conveniently use it while traveling.
  • It can manage clear sound transmission. You will get a separate USB-C jack to connect to your computer. It will enable you to keep away from all the static noise.
  • You can adjust the overall volume of all your mics that connect with the console freely. And you can do that for your monitor, sound pads, input, and output.
  • Thanks to intelligent noise reduction, you can eliminate any background noises. You will always get that distortion-free and clean sound.
  • The console has a dry/wet mode to bypass all audio processing. It ensures you always get a pure mic signal without any distortions.


  • A range of different connectivity features.
  • Compatible with a wide range of analog mics.
  • A variety of physically controllable effects is available on the unit.
  • 11 different sound pads have noise cancellation features.
  • Equally helpful in podcasting, streaming, and content development.
  • Onboard EQ makes usage much simpler.


  • Not compatible with digital microphones.
  • The design gets a bit confusing, accommodating everything in one.

Final Word

The E2 is the piece of equipment that every podcaster or streamer should get. It is compatible with many analog mics and has many connectivity features.

The controls are not user-friendly unless you have some experience using Maono consoles. But you don’t have to spend much time learning it.

All-in-all, this unit is a must-have for all audio content developers out there. It lets you record clean sounds, and you are in full control of the content that you are producing.

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