7 Best ASMR Microphones for Clear, Warm, Immersive Sounds!

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ASMR videos have increasingly become a thing over the past few years. If you are looking to start making ASMR videos, then you must consider adding an amazing ASMR microphone to your setup. The best ASMR microphone will enhance your videos’ quality, giving you a better response from your audience while increasing your channel’s subbies. So, which is the best ASMR microphone to buy? Picking one out of the endless options flooding the market can be the most daunting activity.

We rounded up a few of the best-rated models and brands to help you make the right choices easily. For you to make the best buy, there are certain aspects and parameters that you must consider. They include a power source, polar pattern, frequency response, sensitivity, type, and self-noise. They determine the overall performance of the microphones, ease of use, and convenience. For instance, the microphone’s power source will largely determine its portability, while self-noise, frequency response, and sensitivity will determine its audio quality.

Top 7 ASMR Microphones Review 2024


Zoom H3-VR 360° Audio RecorderEditor's Choice

  • Polar pattern: n/a
  • Type: n/a
  • Self-noise: n/a
  • Sensitivity: n/a
  • Frequency response: 50hz to 20khz
  • Power source: 2x AA batteries, USB bus power
  • Connector: ¼” headphone jack, micro USB

Other features: 4 built-in mics, 3 recording modes, 1.25-inch monochrome LCD display, Auto Mic Position Detection, 6-axis motion sensor, Record up to 24bit/96kHz

Our curtain raiser is the incredibly versatile Zoom H3-VR. It is a virtual reality audio recorder made for ASMR and the likes of Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and other big-wig VR applications.

The unit features a 4-way built-in Ambisonic mic, a decoder, and a recorder. With all these, you wouldn’t need extra hardware. What’s more, you can record stereo binaural waves of up to 24bit/48kHz. This can create great, completely immersive 3D audios.

Thanks to the microphone’s USB and battery power sources, you can record from anywhere you like. Plus, you actually don’t have to run back and forth to your PC or laptop every time you need to hit record. There’s the option of recording through the wireless iOS remote control via an optional BTA-1 Bluetooth adapter.

What are its best features? this is easily one of the best ASMR microphones out there if you care for binaural and completely immersive 3D audio. It is also the perfect portable option for anyone always on the go.

What could be improved? it is hard to imagine any room for improvement on this microphone.

  • Polar pattern: cardioid, figure 8, omnidirectional
  • Type: condenser
  • Self-noise: 10 dBA
  • Sensitivity: -36.0dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (16.00mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB @ 1kHz
  • Power source: phantom-powered
  • Connector: 3-pin XLR

Other features: large 1″ capsule, 162dB SPL, ultra-low noise; wide dynamic range

This is the cat’s pajamas amongst all the premium options out there. The Rode K2 is a valve microphone, and just like a valve amp, it responds beautifully to indistinct nuances from the recording source.

The ASMR microphone features a Class A valve circuitry and a 6922 twin-triode valve that is hand-selected and graded to offer you an accurate, warm sound.

The valve circuitry combines with the 3 polar patterns and high-sensitivity of -36.0dB to allow you to move from side to side easily to capture stereo sound sources. You can trust the microphone to represent each whisper, trigger, or sound source accurately.

What do we love it for? the Rode K2 is a bit on the pricier end, but worth the buy should you choose to invest in a superior quality ASMR mic. It has a wide dynamic range and is designed to represent all sounds accurately. Its ultra-low noise distinguishes it from the rest.

What were we disappointed with? Some users complained that the mic is limited to recording at -15dB or below. It sounds too distorted beyond that. Plus, you have to pay a pretty penny for it.


Aston Spirit Microphone SetBest with Pop Filter

  • Polar pattern: cardioid, Omni, figure 8
  • Type: condenser
  • Self-noise: 14dBA
  • Sensitivity: 23.7mV/Pa
  • Power source: 48V phantom power
  • Connector: XLR, a US stand-mounting thread

Other features: Shock-resistant wave-form spring head, built-in pop filter, 138dB SPL

This is the ultimate option for everyone serious about superior quality audio and crisp, clear recordings. It is hands down the best ASMR mic set available. It is an award-winning condenser mic with switchable patterns designed to capture every bit of your voice or recording source with incredible detail.

The mic has 3 polar patterns; the cardioid, Omni, and figure 8 allow you to capture stereo sounds. You can use it with various instruments, but it excels on vocals and the acoustic guitar.

The mic utilizes a 1-inch gold evaporated capsule. With it, you will enjoy beautifully open sounds with sparkling harmonics. The highly accurate mic gives nothing short of a stunningly natural and transparent recording capturing all the subtle nuances in the high range. It doesn’t add harshness like many other mics within its range.

Also featured is a SwiftShield, which easily combines the mic’s swift shock mount and shield pop filter into a single bundle to give you the best setup for your studio vocal mic. The swift shock mount takes easy installation to another level.

Why are we impressed? the mic does not only deliver on its high-quality audio promise but is also very easy to install and use. It is also pretty sturdy with its stainless steel chassis. What’s more, its swift shield and cradle reduce any vibrations or plosives from the mic stand resulting in accurate, crisp, clear sounds.

What negatives must you be aware of? Nothing could be better with this mic set.


sE Electronics X1S Studio BundleBest Low-Noise Microphone

  • Polar pattern: cardioid
  • Type: condenser
  • Self-noise: 9 dBA
  • Sensitivity: 30 mV/Pa (-30.5 dBV)
  • Power source: 48V phantom-power
  • Connector: 3-pin male XLR

Other features: handcrafted capsule, low self-noise, 160dB SPL

One of the key techniques you need to master with ASMR recordings is the quiet tone. If you succeed at eliminating background noise, you will be able to achieve full immersion, one of the essentials of ASMR recordings. The X1 S microphone bundle excels in this area.

The bundle features the superb SE electronics condenser microphone, the RF-X reflexion filter, an integrated pop filter, and a shock mount. The pop filter and shock mount team up to complete isolation and reject any vibration and plosives or background noises that may alter the mix.

You will be able to capture the quietest of sounds accurately thanks to the mic’s high sensitivity of 30mV/Pa and frequency response of 20Hz-20kHZ. So, you will be heard if you whisper, tap, or pluck.

What are its best features? This is a fantastic option if you value a good pennyworth. You will get a high-performing studio recording bungle for ASMR and many other vocal applications at a pocket-friendly price.

What could be improved? what more would you need from this incredible studio bundle?

  • Polar pattern: cardioid
  • Type: condenser
  • Self-noise: 16 dBA
  • Sensitivity: -36dB ± 2dB (0dB = 1V/Pa @ 1kHz)
  • Power source: corded-electric
  • Connector: USB

Other features: wide ranging frequency response, 16mm-diameter-diaphragm capsule, custom shock mount, a sturdy carry case

This is a prime choice for professional quality recording. The Marantz MPM-2000U is a studio-grade USB condenser microphone that delivers high-end audio performance. It is perfect for DAW recording, twitch, podcasting, and any other application that requires crisp, clear audio capture.

The mic guarantees you pristine audio capture owing to its incredible set of features like the studio-grade AD conversion at 48kHz/16bit, a high-frequency response, and an uncompromised dynamic range. The low self-noise also contributes to the accurate audio capture.

The MPM-2000U boasts a premium quality build and seamless USB connectivity. It also comes with a carrying case that makes it easily portable and a custom shock mount that makes installation a breeze.

Why did it make our list? The MPM-2000U is a versatile and feature-packed mic. It is an all-in-one solution for both seasoned recording veterans and hobbyist producers who have limited space or studio rooms with background noise and echoes.

What is not ideal about it? There aren’t any bad reviews about the MPM-2000U so far.


Rode NT-USB Condenser MicrophoneBest Condenser Microphone

  • Polar pattern: cardioid
  • Type: condenser
  • Self-noise: n/a
  • Sensitivity: n/a
  • Power source: USB bus-powered
  • Connector: USB, 3.5 mm Jack

Other features: 0.50″ capsule, 110dB SPL, compatible with all mainstream recording applications on both Windows and Mac OS

So, what happens when you want to record ASMR audio directly onto your computer without using an audio interface? Rode NT-USB Condenser Microphone happens. It is an industry-level USB microphone that comes in a bundle with a tripod desk stand, a pop shield, a storage pouch, and a ring mount.

Thanks to the JFET impedance converter with a bipolar output buffer and an A/D converter of 48kHz/16Bit you will enjoy a crystal clear, undistorted sound at very low volumes. Even more, the cardioid polar pattern provides you with the optimum immersive sounds you need for ASMR.

Also featured is a pop shield that reduces plosive noises and a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack that provides zero-latency monitoring when recording. Of course, the microphone comes with a USB cable (20 inches long), so you can start recording on your computer right away. The onboard controls features on the mic allow you to make adjustments, thus eliminating the need of an audio interface.

Why is it special? This is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to achieve high-quality recordings without using an audio interface. It is packed with convenient features that guarantee a seamless recording experience.

What are the flaws? Some users have complained that the mic is crazily sensitive, thus not the best for hobbyists.

  • Polar pattern: cardioid
  • Type: condenser
  • Self-noise: 29 dBA
  • Sensitivity: -44.0 dBFS/Pa @ 1 kHz
  • Power source: corded-electric
  • Connector: USB

Other features: Apple MFi certified, 3 DSP preset modes, custom-tuned capsule, 130 dB SPL

If you value a good pennyworth, this is your best bet. The Shure MV5 is a powerful podcasting mic that can also be used for ASMR applications. It is also one of the best options that don’t require an audio interface to record. Its integrated headphone offers real-time monitoring, thus eliminating the need of an audio interface.

The mic offers plenty of recording options on the account of its 3 preset recording modes; flat, vocals, and instrument. It also comes with a micro-B-to USB cable that you can use to connect to your PC or Mac and a Micro-B-to-LTG cable that you can use to connect to all the Apple mobile devices.

As if that’s enough, the mic features an anodized aluminum desktop stand so that you can integrate it into any creative space. It also comes with a thread mount that you can mount on any camera tripod whenever you want to move from side to side to capture the binaural recording process.

Why did it make our list? Nothing comes close to this budget-friendly ASMR mic at offering plenty of immersion. It allows you to record at 24Bit/48kHz, and, you can record virtually anywhere.

What is not ideal about it? its plastic housing is not quite up to scratch when it comes to durability.

Things to Consider

A lot goes into choosing the best ASMR microphone, and without the correct information, you might regret your purchase. This segment has all the hints and pointers that will help you make the best-informed choices. You will get to know the critical features that every ASMR microphone must possess.

Features to consider when choosing the best ASMR microphone

7 Best ASMR Microphones for Clear, Warm, Immersive Sounds!These are the main factors you must consider before choosing an ASMR mic for the best recording experience.

Self-noise and sensitivity

This is one of the biggest challenges for any ASMR artist. Without a good microphone, you will be forced to post-process your audio recordings for better results, and this wastes a lot of time. Therefore, you better invest in a high-quality microphone with low self-noise.

Self-noise is the buzzing, humming, or hissing sounds you get in the background when recording at low volumes. It is produced by your mic automatically. You can avoid this by buying an ASMR microphone with reduced self-noise, usually measured in dBA.the lower the dBA, the lesser the noise. 15 dBA or less is ideal, while for signal to Noise Ratio, a microphone with 80dB and above is ideal.

Polar pattern

This is also known as the pickup pattern. It is the directionality of the microphone. There are 3 main types of ASMR microphones based on polar patterns: cardioid, super-cardioid and hyper-cardioid, and omnidirectional mics. Omnidirectional mics will pick up sounds from every direction, while cardioid mics only favor sounds coming from the front direction and reject any coming from behind.

Hypercardioid and super-cardioid mics exaggerate the cardioid effect. They do a good job of eliminating background noises, but they limit you from moving from side to side. Cardioid mics are the best because they can pick up sounds from a wider area and still be able to reject background noises.

Condenser vs. Dynamic

7 Best ASMR Microphones for Clear, Warm, Immersive Sounds!These are the 2 main types of microphone construction. Dynamic mics are usually less sensitive, but they are the best durable and don’t require external power to work. They also don’t have self-noise, but they can sometimes add noise back into the signal when amplified.

Condenser mics are more fragile but have higher sensitivity across a wide frequency range, which makes them a fantastic choice for the quieter sounds needed in ASMR recording.
They also don’t need a power source, and their integrated amplifier can raise their noise floor. Be sure to choose a large condenser mic like the Rode K2 Condenser Valve Microphone if you want an improved low-end frequency response. They also offer a low self-noise level or better signal-to-noise ratio.

Binaural recording

This is a wonderful technique employed by ASMR. It involves 2 microphones being used with space in between. Each of the microphones records the left channel separate from the right channel. They are mostly preferred for ear cleaning, mouth sounds, and talking.


For added convenience, you can opt for a USB microphone as it allows you to record anywhere. However, if you want to use a mixing board, you can choose a mic with an XLR connection. They have exceptionally durable designs, and that’s why they are a famous go-o for most professionals.

Power source

There are 2 main power sources for microphones; USB and phantom power. High-end condenser microphones that use XLR connection must be connected to an external power that provides sufficient power to run them. This external power is what phantom power actually is.

Simple microphones like the Rode NT-USB Condenser Microphone only require USB power and input. They are super easy to set up as all you need to do is connect them to your PC and start recording. They also consume less power.

Audio mixer

To gain more control over the recording process, you can add an audio mixer or separate pre-amp. For a multi-mic setup, you can add a mixing board.



An Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response microphone is a microphone used to create or record videos and audios that have countless tingling effects on your head, skin, back, and neck. The videos are meant to help you relax when working or studying as well as help you fall asleep.

The prices vary depending on the brand and model. You can get an ASMR microphone that costs as little as 100 bucks and one that costs as much as 700 dollars.

Our Verdict

An ASMR microphone is a crucial requirement for creating ASMR content. It will tremendously improve the quality of your videos. Choosing the best out of the entire lot on the market shouldn’t be hard if you take the hints and tips on this guide seriously. You can skip the entire hassle of going through the brands and models by choosing any of the top-rated products we have reviewed in depth.

Our best recommendation is the Zoom H3-VR 360° Audio Recorder. It is feature-packed yet affordable. It is the best binaural ASMR mic if you care for completely immersive 3D audio. Our premium choice, the Rode K2 Condenser Valve Microphone, is the best ASMR mic for quiet tones out there. It boasts a low-self noise level of 10dB. It is a bit on the pricey end, but it is a worthy buy.

Our third choice, the Aston Spirit Microphone Set, is one of the best ASMR mic sets you can get your hand on. It offers stunningly beautiful clear sounds and guaranteed you pristine recordings. It is also easy to install and use. Its low self-noise and built-in pop filter place it high among the best ASMR microphones out there.

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