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Listening tips for non-shred guitar soloing

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Hi there,
lately I've been re-discovering Norah Jones's "Come away with me" record and the sparse but brilliant guitar playing, on it.
I really dig the solo playing by Adam levy and Kevin Breit.
I want to work on my soloing, and I really dig their sense of space and composition.
What other records and players should I check out?
What are your favorites?

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I know i never shut up about Gilmour, but it's hard to go wrong borrowing from his simplicity. Milk the shit out of those root notes. If the chord progression lands on a D chord, hang around the 15th fret of the B string, bend the shit out of it, vibrato it, see if you can form a melody just by hanging on that one fret while bending up and down. Really, milk the shit out of all the notes in the chords in the rhythm, not just the root. You'll stay in key and it'll force you to find the melodies over those changes.