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Hey all! I just wanted to share my current resource for learning ukulele. Initially I only used Youtube which is great but I wanted to not just be told a strumming pattern or chords to play, I wanted to really understand what I was doing. I signed up at Live Ukulele and he has a great (and cheap) crash course on music theory for the ukulele and that helped a ton in understanding the instrument better. I don't come from a very musical background so ukulele is square one for me. I'm also reading his ebook on learning to finger pick. What I like about this dude specifically is he offers free material and also drops links to other online teachers so if you don't quite understand something from him he recommends other options which I think is pretty rad of him. Anyway, just wanted to share because he has be feeling like I'm actually learning music and to be a musician rather than just following cookie cutter tutorials (not that there is anything wrong with that! I still do that as well but wanted a little more depth). If you need help with different things I recommend checking him out .