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Need help with time signature

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Sorry, no music theory expert here. Confused about something! So, I have this melody I keep singing in my head and want to write a song to it and, for some reason, I got to wondering what time signature it is. I kept trying to make various ones match the beat and couldn't make it fit. Then I came up with something that seemed to be the only way I could make it work.


Does that make any sense? If so, what is it called? In my head, I keep seeing Tom Petty play this, lol.

Sorry if this is a stupid question!

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6/8 followed by a bar of 2/8 ??
A lot of classical changes time signature by the bar.
In more modern music you can have fun trying to work out time signatures for later King Crimson. There is a lovely video of them arguing with each other over what time signature they are actually playing.
Best advice I ever got was to ignore the signature but "feel" the pulse. Once you know the tunes arrangement its easy even with stuff that looks horrible on paper.

Oh and well done for breaking away from the curse of 4/4!