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Opinions on EastWest's Symphonic Orchestra?

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I wanted to get advice/an opinion on the use of EastWest's Symphonic Orchestra for those that are familiar with it or have used the software before. Basically, I'm just in the beginning stages of learning orchestral composing (with a particular emphasis on film-style orchestral music) and I'm looking for an effective All-in-one orchestral library to get me started.

Now I've actually done my research and have been recommended a bunch of libraries, including BBCSO Core, Metropolis Ark 1, Nucleus, Albion ONE, etc. The thing is, there's this one library by EastWest (whom I'm not so familiar with) called the 'Symphonic Orchestra' that also caught my eye. I've tried doing some digging but I couldn't find much other than the library is pretty old (launched in 2003 I think). Other than that though, I've listened to some demos of it in action I think it sounds pretty good (as far as a beginner can determine the 'goodness' of something), especially for such an apparently old library. It features individual instruments and a ton of articulation as featured on EastWest's site and seems like the style of library I'm looking for.

So at this point, I wanted to get the perspective of anyone familiar with this library and whether they'd recommend it compared to other options available. I can't really seem to decide whether it's worth considering.

Thanks again!

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