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RCF ART 912 vs 932

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I am looking at purchasing either the RCF ART 912, or the RCF ART 932 and I am curious about which one is best for my use cases.

Essentially, I would use a pair for in home band practice, and as main FOH speakers for small gigs ie: pubs, bars etc. Primarily without subs, but if the space was big enough I would rent a sub.

I actually currently own a pair of Yamaha DZR10s with matching DSX 15" subs but they are up for sale because I don't have a use, or the space, for such bass energy in my home studio. The 10s don't quite have enough bass by themselves for jam or the very occasional pub gig, hence why I'm looking at a 12" top.
I've looked at the usual suspects such as QSC K.12.2, Electro Voice ETX12, JBL SRX, even the 12" version of what I have now the DZR12 as well as others like Turbosound iq and Alto TS. From what I have heard so far, I prefer the overall sound of the RCF.
I understand that some of the differences between the 912 and 932 is the compression driver for highs and the x-over point. I think the main benefit of the 3" compression driver is that it throws further out, but given that I'm in a (treated) home studio of 15' by 21' I don't need to throw sound that far back. The lower x-over is supposedly better for mid range reproduction ? ie: vocals sound better on 932 than on 912 ?
I have the budget for the 932 and I'm just wondering if for my usage of mostly at home and sometimes at a small bar, if the sound quality between the two is that much of a difference ? Put another way, if I get the 932s but can't "stretch their legs" is it worth it over the 912 ? I also don't want to get the 912 and later feel that I should have gone for the 932 etc..

Hoping someone with hands on experience with these speakers can enlighten me !

Thank you