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Is AI the future of music Production?

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Hey everyone,

Have you ever stopped to think about how AI might influence our creative process in the studio? I don't mean just as a tool to assist in mixing or mastering, but as an active participant in the creative process itself.

Imagine an AI that can generate unique, high-quality samples on the fly. A system that learns from your style and complements your beats, making your workflow smoother and faster. It's like having a virtual collaborator who's always ready to jam with you, 24/7...

Have any of you had the chance to play around with something like this? What was your experience like? Did it add to your creativity, or did it feel like it was taking something away?

And, looking forward to the future, how do you feel about the increasing presence of AI in music production? Are you excited about the possibilities, or are you a bit skeptical? Maybe you're a bit of both, like me.

I'm curious to hear about your experiences and thoughts. No right or wrong answers here, just a chance to share our perspectives as we navigate these interesting times in music production.

Let's chat!

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Good point. Like the AI art you may be able to text in a request for a sample in a particular style and key etc. The market size will likely determine whether or not it comes around or not.



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in this particular use case, would you be hyped or a user of such AI generated Samples if the output where very convincing?

Do you think of other applications of AI in your daily music routine, workflow?