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Music room organisation - how do you approach it?

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My music room is a total mess right now.
The last few weeks have been bonkers with work and family related stuff, and I have acquired gear to the point that I need to actively keep my room tidy, or it will just clog up in no time.
Also, I'm not perfectly happy with the friction current room set up puts on some aspect of my practice.
There are some key pieces of gear I rarely touch.
So, I'm thinking about purging some stuff and rearranging my room.
I find it kinda hard to "un-stick" my mind of my current state of affairs, so I thought I'd ask you guys and gals for inspiration.

How is your room structured?
What is key to your daily music making?
Do you have made over your music room/studio?
What were your goals and how did it turn out?

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If you have the space, get as big a table as can fit in wherever you prefer it. Filling it up with things is usually not a problem.

Atm I have a main table with my monitors, two displays, audio interface and a side table where I have my Hydrasynth Explorer stacked on top of my Axe-Fx 3.

The plan is to put the speakers on poles and pull the desk back a bit.

Due to space limitations, my guitars are in the next room on a multi-guitar rack. There's a single guitar stand in the room for whatever guitar I'm using at the time. If I didn't live in a rental apartment I would put some of my guitars on the wall. The key here is having them somewhere conveniently available so that they are easy to grab - thus more likely to be used.

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I'm going through this now, thinking of ways to makeover my room where it's more purpose driven. One example is to have all the gear I enjoy hooked up in a way that makes sense and is ready very quickly. Right now I have a lot of gear that should be getting used but is not in part due to it's not ready to go at that very moment. Fumbling around hooking things up can be an inspiration killer. Modeling software has made that scenario better because it's all 'in the box' and sounds great but... I still love my tube amps and other outboard gear. So updating cable management and switching hardware will be something I look into.