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Looking for a MIDI looper

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I'm a novice wind controller player. When playing as a guest at some family party, I would like to be a "one-man orchestra" - at first, play a track with one instrument, then switch to another MIDI channel and play another instrument while the first one is being played back.

The computer and the speakers will not be near me, I might be physically sitting at a dinner table and playing. The computer might even be "headless" (no screen, preconfigured to start up all the needed software automatically on boot). I want to control the looper remotely using MIDI commands. For example, it could use keyswitch mechanics - using the lowest MIDI notes as commands to start / stop / record / delete the last recorded clip.

I thought that for sure someone should have created such a simple automatable MIDI looper, but somehow I cannot find any. Do I need a full DAW for this? And is there even a DAW that supports automating start / stop / record / delete last clip using MIDI Note On commands?