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Touch Screen Solutions for Cubase

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I have recently purchased an 18in touch screen to go with my main studio setup, and so far it's working perfect. I bought it full and well knowing that Cubase didn't support multi-touch and that I would have to deal with it.
While messing with the Studio One 6 demo, I got used to how fluid and intuitive the touch implementation is. Now it's hard for me to go back. I've been considering moving to Studio One for years now, but I never follow through with it because Cubase has so much deep functionality that I need.
I went down the dTouch rabbit hole and discovered that it is abandonware. Are there any other modern methods of using a touch screen with Cubase? To be clear, I don't need it for macros. I have an iPad with Metagrid for that. I moreso want to control the mixer, key editor, and VST plugins with the touch screen and have it behave at least a little more like it should.

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Posted by: @ragland

I have an iPad with Metagrid for that. 


Metagrid Legacy or Metagrid Pro?

Doesn't the Pro version have a way of controlling the mixer?

I'm still using the legacy version, and for my objectives don't see a reason to upgrade. Based on all the beta versions and facebook questions, I would also have to buy an iPad much larger than what I have. It's really expanded into something much more broad than just the legacy version.

Over the many years I'm very happy with Metagrid. As you say, macros, the ability to delay commands, and just the "enter" button make certain functions possible that are not possible in Cubase.