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Active circuits apart from pickups?

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Hi! I was wondering if there's a place where I can find what sort of active electronics are available to be added to a guitar (a strat), which are not active pickups? For example, something apart from the Clapton Mid boost. I know some people have things like a 20db clean boost, I think there's a new signature strat with some sort of fuzz circuit. Is there something like an active EQ circuit (for passive pickups)? I'm having a hard time tracking down what sort of things are available for purchase.


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EMG makes some things. The Afterburner is a clean boost...AB220 is on a pot with a couple detents throughout the range, AB is on a push pull pot to turn it on and off. The EXG boosts lows and highs while scooping out some mids. The RPC boosts highs while cutting low end. And the SPC is their mid boost. Or if you really wanted to, you could put a pedal circuit in a guitar, although that would take more work.
The big downside to built in effects or active circuitry is you only have it with that one guitar. I used to have some active stuff in a guitar, I replaced it all with an EQ pedal with presets.