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Bundle recommendations (or rather, alternatives to Komplete)

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Hi all, I'm trying to branch out from Ableton's built-in instruments and effects with a few plugins, without spending an arm and a leg on high-end stuff (I'm just a hobbyist). I have used Massive for a long time and really like it, so I was considering Komplete, but there seems to be a lot of disdain for NI these days, and I don't fully understand the Kontakt ecosystem (I just want VSTs, I don't want to have to use some other launcher/browser/whatever). So I'm curious about recommendations for plug-in bundles that'll give a little bit of everything for <$250 (or ideally much cheaper...).

Realistically what I would use most is a pretty straightforward polyphonic subtractive synth like Massive, but I would also like to try out some other soft synths. The other thing I'm looking for in a bundle is some sort of acoustic drum VST a la EZDrummer etc. Doesn't have to be fancy, it would almost entirely be for "draft" compositions of music I'm writing with my actual band, which I'll later record with my actual drumkit. I've also been getting really into producing music for videogames, so some instruments/effects that I could create some reeeeal wacky sounds and FX with would be cool too.

Any advice and recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!