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how to make personal mix with effects + send to FOH

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Hi everyone,

I have three elec/acus instruments I want to play live, running them all through the same pedal board to use at different times in the show, have my own mix on stage with the effects and my own levels, and send everything to FOH. What will I need to do this?
Is the pedal board before or after the mixer?
How will I get the rest of the band into my own mix as well?

Will the Yamaha MG10XU do it?

Looking for gear tips on how to run three instruments through effects chain, as well as personal monitoring systems/personal mixers.

Thanks very much

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Some of the higher-end multi-FX guitar pedals will let you do this sort of thing, but it sounds to me like you might just need a mixing desk.
A question, though: are you certain that you'll be able to mix effectively, while performing, from behind the speakers, on a potentially-unknown rig, unknown room, etc.
... Especially if there's a competent sound engineer waiting to do that job?