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Line array toe in angle

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Hi there, in a couple weeks I’ll be loading a musical into a new proscenium theater and have some concerns with the focus of the FOH system. There are 3 flown L-acoustics arrays (L C R) with four subs above them on a mono send.

The issue is that the left and right arrays are significantly toed in, both focused to the center seats of the main audience section. While listening to some refs I noticed some weirdness in the center seats where all 3 arrays meet. But more of a concern is that the 2 rows of seats along the aisles on the left and right of the main seating section aren’t getting enough direct sound from the mains. It’s a 350 cap theater, so the aisle seats im referring to make up at least a quarter of the main section.

Also I should mention that the three arrays are part of a much larger L-Isa immersive system.

I’m planning a work call to refocus the arrays, and since it’s a very new theater I plan to talk with the install and design companies for more info on why they were toed this much. My guess is to keep sound off the side walls,

But if anyone here has some advice, or could point me to some resources, it’d be super helpful. Admittedly I’m a FOH engineer, not great with rigging or system design, so I’m planning on hiring some people with more array and rigging expertise for the call. But would love some pointers first, thanks!