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MTI Player, Qlab, and TheatreMix

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I’m helping with tech at my kid’s high school theater program, and the show we’re doing is licensed from MTI, which means I have to fight the MTI Player. From other posts here, I understand that MTI player will interface with Qlab 5 (which is what the kids are using), but only if the correct sequence of stars line up and no other programs are open on the Mac. This could be a problem, because I really want to introduce the kids to TheatreMix and DCA mixing, which will be super-helpful for this show and its multitude of mics.

Can anyone tell me if MTI Player, Qlab and TheatreMix can be used at the same time, or will something break if I have TMix open as well? Thanks!

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I've used QLab and TheatreMix together for various productions, but I haven't specifically tried integrating them with the MTI Player. However, as long as your computer has enough processing power and memory, there shouldn't be any major issues running all three programs simultaneously. QLab handles playback, TheatreMix handles mixing, and the MTI Player handles licensed content, so they should be able to coexist without causing conflicts. Just make sure to test everything thoroughly before the show to iron out any potential issues.