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Post-Genre Music

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For a long time, one of the most marketable aspects of an artist’s music has been their genre. This classification not only helps highlight the artist’s target audience, but also aids in their placement within the music world. And while many artists don’t usually stick to one genre throughout their careers, very few have taken the creative risk of disregarding genres altogether.

This isn’t just about experimental artists, or artists who have tried different sounds. This is about the artists who have managed to present so many diverse sonic sounds grouped together. Post-genre music is music that is not only difficult to pinpoint, but almost impossible to describe. The artist becomes the genre itself.

This thread is for music recommendation that do not easily fit into one of the genre-based threads on TC.

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I love this idea! Exploring music that defies genres is such a refreshing way to discover new sounds and challenge your expectations. For me, I'm drawn to music that's atmospheric and ethereal, with a touch of melancholy. Something like Grimes' dark pop and electronic soundscapes, or the dreamlike indie-folk of Bon Iver, really resonates with me. Hit me with some recommendations that evoke those vibes, but with their own unique twist!