7 Awesome Drum Sets for Kids of All Ages and Levels

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What is going through your child’s mind while watching today’s famous bands on TV? They wish that was them of course! So why not help make their dreams come true? Thanks to many new and well-known brands catering for this niche you’ll now find the best drum set for kids who want to use their musical talents – and you do not have to pay exorbitant amounts. We’ll showcase a few that can be used as practice or perfomance sets for children. And yes, today’s market caters for all age groups ranging from toddlers to teens.

Of course designing the best drum set for kids requires a unique approach. You want your children to enjoy exceptional sound which is why we considered the construction materials. Usually, wood performs much better than plastic, but we offer you multiple options to help cater for different needs and budgets. We also considered the age groups the models are recommended for, the number of components in each set and different designs such as the Ludwig Junior set that took first prize on our list.

We didn’t only trust a few music teachers to provide us with reviews on the various brands. We also tested the sets by allowing children to play on them. Everyone’s feedback was gathered and based on this we produced our list of winners, which we have reviewed in detail. Use our buying guide at the end of the article to help you gauge which one is the true winner for your child’s unique requirements. Our comparison table below will also help you find appropriate options to consider.

Are you ready to allow some noise into your child’s bedroom? They’ll thank you dearly one day when they’re the famous ones that can inspire other children.

Top 7 Drum Sets for Kids Review 2024


Ludwig Junior Outfit Drum SetEditor’s Choice

  • Number of pieces: 5
  • Ages: 3-12 year olds
  • Made from: poplar wood
  • Colors available: black, blue, wine red

Extra features: steel shell snare drum; 16-inch bass drum; comes with a junior drum throne


This one jumped to the top of our list because it’s such a versatile unit. Use a few adjustment options and your kit can be customized for anyone between the ages of 3 & 12. That makes it a practical investment for all the young kids in your family. Once they hit their teen years they’ll know whether it’s something they want to pursue long-term, and then you can invest in a larger kit.

It’s a five-piece set so kids playing in bands can use it as a proper kit. Or simply use some of the components to teach younger children. We were impressed that this set has cymbals included, as that’s not always the case. There’s even a drum throne so your little one can start playing the moment it arrives and is set up. No additional expenses or visits to a music store required.

Setup is pretty easy. The brand should invest in an instruction manual though, as this will make it easier for those new to this instrument.

As it comes from a respected brand you can trust, it’s a quality kit that will last you a while.

Your child will love the striking colors that are available to pick from, so they can love looking at it and playing on it. This also makes for adding some style once they’re part of a band that performs.

What makes it stand out?

  • Looks stylish
  • Caters for many ages
  • Full set
  • Throne included

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • No instruction manual


Pyle Pro Electronic Drum KitBest Electronic Drum Set for Kids

  • Number of pieces: 7
  • Ages: everyone over the age of 2
  • Made from: not applicable
  • Colors available: silver gray

Extra features: inbuilt drum trainer learning mode; comes with 55 preset and 10 custom preloaded drum kits, as well as over 300 cymbal & drum sounds; can be used wireless with batteries; Mac and PC connectivity options

If you want to go portable, this is the set for your kids. They can take it with when you’re on holiday and easily transport it between music classes and home. While most electric drum sets require a power outlet, this one can be powered by batteries too so your child can enjoy his or her talent no matter where you find yourselves.

What impresses about this set is how many options you get with such a compact unit. There are multiple presets and different drum kits already loaded on the device. For beginners this makes it easy to get started and for more experienced children it provides enough options to keep them busy for hours on end. Even if your child has never played drums before this is an excellent option because of the handy training and learning mode. Thanks to the LCD screen, it’s easy to switch between various options.

One drawback is that the pads aren’t very touch-sensitive, so it’s easy for one sound to overpower another—and you can’t make adjustments.

We’re also impressed at the more advanced options such as linking to a PC or Mac. As your child learns more about music he or she may want to start mixing tracks, and with this drum set they have all they need to do just that. Since these features are more advanced, this is another set that will cater for the entire family’s drum requirements.

The sleek silver casing will suit any future star’s preferences. The kit includes drum sticks, so you have everything you need to start as soon as it arrives.

What makes it special?

  • Compact
  • Battery operated if needed
  • Appropriate for all ages

What cons did we find?

  • Not touch sensitive
  • Child doesn’t get feel of traditional drums


Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Kit Best 5-Piece Drum Set for Kids

  • Number of pieces: 5
  • Ages: 3-10 year olds
  • Made from: wood
  • Colors available: black, blue, pink, red

Extra features: comes with drum throne; 16-inch bass drum

Once your child starts drum classes they will need an appropriate set to practice on – and this is exactly what this Gammon model is for. Although it’s a full set, even including cymbals, a drum throne and a drum pedal, everything is downsized so children can get a comfortable experience of what it’s like to be a real drummer. And since all is included you make one purchase and you have it all!

The brand does produce them in different colors so kids can pick a color they prefer—or perhaps the color that suits their band’s style?

It’s impressive that Gammon can produce such a complete set and still offer it at a very affordable price compared to similar products on today’s market. That’s another reason we rated it high. If your child isn’t sure yet whether this will be a long-term hobby, this makes for an acceptable expense. And if they do pursue this long term, thanks to its size catering for almost any child 10 years or younger it can be used for a number of years before it’s necessary to upgrade.

As it’s not made from expensive wood, don’t expect the best sounds and of course you can’t expect the best quality components – but as a child’s beginner set it’s ideal.

Why did it make our list?

  • Affordable
  • Full set with cymbals
  • Chair included
  • Caters for many ages

What is not ideal about it?

  • Not the best quality on the market
  • Sound isn’t the best
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Mendini by Cecilio 5-Piece Junior Drum SetBest Beginner Drum Set for Kids

  • Number of pieces: 5
  • Ages: 3-12 year olds
  • Made from: birch wood
  • Colors available: black, blue, green, silver, wine red, bright red

Extra features: 16-inch bass drum; includes a drum throne; comes with a 1-year warranty

Here is our best beginner drum set for kids. Not only is it a full 5-piece drum set, but Mendini provides a clear instruction manual so a newbie can learn how to set them up. And don’t worry—it’s super easy to assemble.

One drawback is that the toms’ positions aren’t very adjustable. But that’s to be expected from lower end, affordable sets like this.

We do appreciate that the brand specifically gives guidelines for the appropriate height of players if you want them to enjoy it optimally. Height plays a huge role as it determines whether the kid can reach all the components for comfortable play. Here, anyone between 2.5ft and 5ft tall can have an enjoyable time.

The brand manufactures various colors so kids can pick a hue that fits their personal style.

It’s not a high end set, but the components are surprisingly durable as they withstand the extensive force small kids exert while enjoying the noise they can make. You may need to replace the cymbals after a while though. The sound is adequate for practice, but not necessarily performance.

What makes it special?

  • Complete set
  • Caters for various ages
  • Multiple colors available

What cons did we find?

  • Not a performance set
  • Toms not adjustable


Mendini by Cecilio 3-Piece Kids/Junior Drum SetBest 3-Piece Drum Set for Kids

  • Number of pieces: 3
  • Ages: 3-8 year olds
  • Made from: birch wood
  • Colors available: metallic red, blue, green, black, purple

Extra features: 13-inch bass drum; comes with a round drum throne; protected by a 1-year warranty

It’s not always necessary to purchase a full set and this is when you turn to these simpler setups. With a three piece like this one from Mendini, you can help your child discover a new talent or passion without it taking up so much room in the house. It’s also easier to set up and transport than a 5-piece set, so your child’s hobby can travel with you if necessary.

The unique cymbal setup also makes sense for small kids: there are no flimsy stands that can fall over and hurt someone as everything is held in place by connecting to the bass drum. That makes it a safe option even for toddlers.

This is another brand that helps your child get started quickly as a set of sticks and a drum throne are included in the kit. The chair is adjustable so children of all ages can feel comfortable playing.

Even though it’s a cheaper set—it won’t last forever—the sound is not too bad and can easily be improved by placing a pillow inside the bass drum as it tends to be too boomy. We appreciate the brand’s effort for improvement as the drum pedal was recently upgraded to prevent squeaking.

Why is it special?

  • Sturdy setup
  • Many colors available
  • Throne and sticks provided
  • Takes up less space than full sets

What are the flaws?

  • Bass drum is boomy
  • Some cheap parts

  • Number of pieces: 3
  • Ages: 2-6 year olds
  • Made from: wood
  • Colors available: black, blue, metallic red

Extra features: 14-inch bass drum; includes drum stool

Our Budget Pick is another 3-piece set that will save you some floor space while still giving kids an experience of banging on a real drum set. As with Mendini’s 3-piece set there are no cymbal stands that take up room or are prone to toppling over. That makes it safe and appropriate for kids as young as two.

It’s impressive that real wood is used even though it’s not a high end model. If you tune the set well you can look forward to some impressive sounds. That makes it quite different from other kids’ sets made of plastic.

It’s also appropriate for children in how easy it is to put together. You may have to help at first but your child can start playing in under 30 minutes. Unfortunately, there aren’t instructions included so you may have to ask an expert if you haven’t put a drum set together before.

The seat is adjustable so it can be customized as your toddler grows and so be useful for quite a few years. We advise: don’t purchase it for kids 5 years or older as they will very quickly outgrow it.

Why is it special?

  • Takes up little floor space
  • Sets up quickly
  • Real wood used
  • Impressive sound and quality for the price

What are the flaws?

  • No instructions
  • Not made for older kids


Paxcess Electronic Drum SetBest Portable Drum Set for Kids

  • Number of pieces: 9
  • Ages: everyone over the age of 2
  • Made from: not applicable
  • Colors available: black

Extra features: can be used with headphones; made from safe, food-grade silicone

This isn’t the traditional type of drum set, but take some time and consider it. This electric set gives your child all the options a real set has without the necessity of making a noise the neighbors will hate: a child can practice quietly at all hours and perfect his or her craft without bothering anyone.

But here’s why you need to really consider it: this drum set can roll up! Yes, you can pack up the set and easily store it out of the way or take it with you on holiday to keep kids busy. Since it can operate with batteries your family can enjoy it anywhere. We’re mentioning ‘family’ because it does suit many different drummers’ needs: children and toddlers can learn to play while experienced players can use it to hone their technique. Your child can even put up a concert thanks to the provided speakers or use this to play music games in conjunction with a computer.

Some users noted that the pads may occasionally not react, but since it comes at such and affordable price you can’t expect perfection, right? It’s a versatile buy as it can serve as entertainment, toy or practice instrument for serious musicians.

What stands out?

  • Rolls up—easy to store
  • Can listen via headphones for quiet practice sessions
  • Works for almost any age

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Not a traditional drum setup
  • Pads’ sensitivity should be improved

Things to Consider

It’s extremely important to pick the right unit for your child because each drum set’s setup determines how comfortable he or she will find their new hobby. To help you pick, we created an informative buyer’s guide.

What makes a great drum set for kids?

7 Awesome Drum Sets for Kids of All Ages and LevelsShopping for kids is different than finding a drum set for adults. You need to consider aspects that will make it easy for children to enjoy the hobby:

  • Easy to reach and set up all components
  • Great to look at
  • Sturdy to prevent damage
  • Appropriate for the age group

Features to consider when choosing a junior drum set

With the many models available on today’s market you’ll have no shortage of options. But that makes it difficult to pick. Our list of features will show you how to identify the best ones. Help your child understand: it’s not only about aesthetics. If they allow you to guide them through picking their new instrument they’ll have more fun.

What’s included in the kit?

Don’t assume all sets are the same. Brands include different items. Some only provide the drums without any cymbals. This isn’t necessarily a bad sign, as you may prefer a different brand’s cymbals. Or perhaps you already have some?

If you’re lucky you can even get a few accessories—such as sticks or a drum throne—to ensure your child can start playing as soon as the package arrives at home. Some brands even provide training manuals or DVDs. These are worthwhile investments to help your child progress as quickly as possible.

Type of drum kit

First off: there’s no real winner here but you’ll often come across debates about the two types of kits: electronic sets and standard drum sets.

If you don’t want noise to affect the neighbors, without a doubt you’ll need an electronic set.
These can be listened to via headphones when your child practices and once he or she gets on a stage the audio will be played through the speakers. Of course, you need electricity to make these sets work, so make sure there’s a power outlet in the practice room. Two great electronic drum set options are the Pyle Pro Electronic Drum Kit and Paxcess Electronic Drum Set.

But some players simply prefer the old fashioned way of playing on a standard set. The wood creates unique sounds a true musician is bound to fall in love with. Just note that the standard sets are more difficult to transport and you can’t control the sound volume much.

Drummer age

7 Awesome Drum Sets for Kids of All Ages and LevelsMake sure the manufacturer kept unique features of a specific age group in mind while designing a drum set. It must allow the child to play comfortably.

Look closely at which age group the set is most appropriate for. The challenge is to plan for the long term. Will the set suffice for a few years at least so you don’t have to replace it every year?

Materials and build

There’s not necessarily a right or a wrong material, but know that different materials produce different sounds. Wood is popular because it produces beautiful tones, but don’t settle for just any wood: each type will sound different. You’ll come across sets made of mahogany, maple, birch, and more.

Other set are made of metal or plastic. The latter makes for affordable sets that are sufficient for small children who want to explore a new activity.

Drum set dimensions

Each set mentioned above has a different footprint. You need to align the dimensions with the available space in your child’s room or practice area.

This is not only a practical consideration. It will also affect how comfortable your child feels while playing on the new set. If there are too many large components in a very small space, he or she will feel cramped. If you’re setting it up in a small area, opt for the sets with fewer drums such as the Music Alley Kids 3 Piece Kit.

Don’t be concerned if you don’t have floor space available. The good news is that technology resulted in desktop options your kid can use on his or her lap or even on their desks and beds. That’s where the Pyle Pro Electronic set will come in handy.

Ease of set up

When your child embarks on a new hobby, you should try and make it as effortless as possible.

You don’t want a small child getting frustrated with setup instead of enjoying his or her talent. For this reason, it’s smart to start off with a simple setup, rather than a complicated set with too many components.

Easy setup is also important if you know your child may soon start performing with others in a band. Traveling to a venue to practice or perform requires quick setup so there’s maximum time for soundchecks and play. Make this easy on your child by purchasing gear that’s easy to assemble. This makes items like the Paxcess set or the Pyle Pro a practical solution.

Tips for getting the most out of a kid’s drum kit

You can help your child get more out of his or her junior drum kit in more ways than one. For starters it’s not only about improving the sound—what about regulating the volume? If you’re buying a set so your child can practice at home, you’re probably going to worry about the neighbors complaining about the noise. It’s possible to limit the volume of the sound without ruining the audio. Low volume cymbals are available, or your child can practice with brushes instead of sticks.

To customize and improve the sound itself you can place damp paper towels on drums and cymbals. Stick them underneath and they can turn a tinny sound into a much more enjoyable audio experience. In addition—you can do this yourself or ask a local expert to give your child a few tips—you can use tuning to change the sound. This is usually done with a drum key. You can also replace a kit’s heads or add high end cymbals to enhance the overall sound.


Each set is different, but most sets come with instruction manuals. To help tune the set the first time it may be smart to ask a local pro of a child’s drum teacher to assist. On average a full set can take about 20 minutes to put together.

Each part of the drum will affect the sound. As an example: rattling lugs can produce unnecessary resonance, so taking them off and stuffing them with some cotton wool is a simple solution for this problem. Important tip: as your child learns more and becomes a better player he or she will also start to gauge how to get the best out of the kit, so don’t be too impatient for them to produce perfect sound.

Each drum kit for kids has its pros and cons. An electronic kit works well because you won’t bother the neighbors and it requires less tuning. A traditional set gives a child an authentic experience and will teach them how to look after their gear, as it requires maintenance.

Our Verdict

When you’re trying to help your child realize his or her dreams you need to get it right and we don’t think you can go wrong by picking our first choice. With a 9.8 rating, the Ludwig blew us away with looking stylish, sounding good and providing children with an authentic drumming experience. And you don’t often get such good quality in children’s products.

Of course, you may not always have the luxury of a sound-proof room, which is why the Pyle Pro electric set gets second place with a rating of 9.7. It can cater for children of many ages and looks ultra-stylish so your child will love displaying it at home in his or her home studio. The number of preloaded options is impressive and will keep your little one busy for hours.

If you have a limited budget, our third choice is your best buy, as Gammon provides a complete kit with an affordable price tag attached. It’s an ideal option if your child isn’t sure yet whether they want to commit to drumming long term. With a rating of 9.5, it’s still an impressive option.

You know how to identify the winner for your child. Which set will become their new favorite present ever?

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