6 Best Drumsticks for Electronic Drums – Get a Suitable Pair for More Control!

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Do you wish to begin your practicing and playing sessions right away after purchasing brand new electronic drums? Or are you simply looking for a replacement for your older drumsticks? Whatever the reason might be, we all know that the proper musical tools allow you to get the desired tones and master the instrument much faster. But with so many options available on the market today, it takes time, effort, and patience to sift through them to find the best drumsticks for electronic drums.

To make things much easier, we considered several important features like the size, shape, and material of the tip, the stick’s material, and other parameters that affect not only the performance but also the durability and keep your electronic drums safe and spot-free. Continue reading, and you will learn more information about what makes the best drumsticks for electronic drums and how each parameter might affect your playing experience. Let’s get started!

Top 6 Drumsticks for Electronic Drums Review 2024

  • Size: 7A (length: 15-1/2″; diameter: 0.520″)
  • Tip: nylon
  • Material: hickory
  • Vibration absorption technology

 More features: lacquer surface coating, medium taper

Who doesn’t like bright and crisp sounds with every hit of their drumsticks? These anti-vibe drumsticks from Zildjian with teardrop nylon tips are excellent for fast playing. The medium-sized 7A drumsticks have dimensions with a length of 15-1/2″ and a diameter of 0.052″ that provide a fantastic grip, making them easy to handle. Next, the stick’s material is hickory, which is a good-quality wood that offers the most balanced combination of density, weight, and strength. The lacquer finish is a nice extra feature, which keeps them protected from damage and wear and tear.

What stands out? What we love most about these drumsticks is their patented feature of vibration absorption technology that makes them comfortable and easy to play compared to standard sticks. They lay perfectly in hand and give you the response you need to feel during your session, which makes them suitable for fast drumming.

What cons did we manage to find? The only thing that could be better is a size option as these drumsticks are not suitable for hard hitters.

  • Size: 5A, 5B, 7A
  • Tip: nylon
  • Material: hickory
  • Set of 3 pairs

 More features: made in the USA, smooth and balanced

The Promark LA Special 5A Hickory Drumsticks are one of the best-selling products on the market. This is due to their extremely user-friendly nature. Also, the drumsticks come in a set of 3 pairs, which makes them the bang for the buck. The hickory sticks make for an extremely durable product. With their smooth nylon tips, they are highly responsive, ensuring bright, balanced, and clear sounds with every tap. LA Special is a trusted brand that manufactures these drumsticks in the USA.

What do we love it for? Our favorite thing about these drumsticks for electronic drums is that they come in three sizes (5A, 5B, 7A), making them extremely user-oriented. All three sizes produce different sounds due to different thicknesses, making them suitable for many drummers who enjoy several music styles. These drumsticks are one of our best picks because their hickory construction makes them resilient and durable.

What were we disappointed with? The only improvement in these drumsticks would be some kind of vibration control since electronic drums tend to have bouncy surfaces.

  • Size: 5B (length: 16″; diameter: 0.6″)
  • Tip: nylon
  • Material: hickory
  • Increased durability

 More features: oval bead, vibration reduction

These 5B nylon drumsticks from Zildjian’s hickory series are one of the most popular products among drummers. The hickory stick has a medium-sized 5B construction, with a length of 16″ and a diameter of 0.6″. Next, the size and weight are great for prolonged use because these drumsticks do not cause wrist strain even after long hours of drumming. The tear bead is a consistent favorite, with its oval-shaped nylon tip that never fails to produce clear sounds.

Why did it make our list? These drumsticks offer the best grip because of their good balance and weight, making them popular among not just beginners, but also professionals. The increased hickory durability of these drumsticks is another feature that makes them a winner. Like most Zildjian products, these drumsticks also have vibration reduction technology.

What is not ideal about it? The only drawback here is that the lacquer coating is not as long-lasting as many expect, which eventually leads to an unsatisfying appearance. A stronger finish for better protection will make this product unbeatable.


Vic Firth American Classic eStickBest with Long Taper

  • Size: length: 16-1/2″; diameter: 0.563″
  • Tip: hickory
  • Material: hickory
  • Long taper

 More features: made in the USA, barrel tip shape

This product checks all the boxes necessary for being suitable for electronic drums. First, the Vic Firth American Classic eStick set has a one-of-a-kind construction with a long taper design, which makes them the best high-end drumsticks for electronic drums. With a hickory stick and tip, these drumsticks produce warm, dark, and rich cymbal sounds. The dimensions have a length of 16-1/2″ and a diameter of 0.563″, so the product appears to be quite lightweight.

What stands out? The best feature of these drumsticks is their long taper, which feels not only light upfront but also sounds fantastic and allows more rebound. The long taper with a barrel-shaped hickory tip makes them loud enough to give your drumming a great punch. Also, they are incredibly lightweight, allowing consistent and prolonged playing. Lastly, the material is popular for its texture and durability.

What cons did we manage to find? The only thing that these drum sticks lack is that they do not come in a variety of sizes.


Vater Power 5A Nylon Tip Hickory Drum SticksBest Versatile Option

  • Size: 5A (length: 16-1/2″; diameter: 0.580″)
  • Tip: nylon
  • Material: hickory
  • Extra length for greater range

 More features: tear-shaped tip

These drumsticks from Vater are an ideal pick for any kind of drumming instrument. Their teardrop-shaped tip produces the perfectly focused low-end sound that is particularly great for both acoustic and electronic drums and makes them the perfect auxiliary option. Additionally, the premium wood hickory construction makes them durable, and the nylon teardrop tips are heavier towards the end, allowing fast and responsive drumming. These 5A drumsticks are obviously heavier than other sizes, with a length of 16-1/2″ and a diameter of 0.580″.

What do we love it for? Our favorite thing about these drumsticks is their extra-long construction that is well-balanced, giving them an increased and improved range. The ½ extra inch of these 5A drumsticks offers not just extra reach, but also some extra weight that helps produce just the right low-end sound drummers expect from teardrop tips. Another thing we loved about this product is that it offers so much at such a small price.

What were we disappointed with? An improvement to these drumsticks is perhaps the addition of sizes such as 7A and 5B.


Donner Snare Drumsticks 5ABest Maple Drumsticks

  • Size: 5A
  • Tip: maple
  • Material: maple
  • Come with a carrying bag

 More features: 30-day unconditional money back guarantee, waterdrop tip, multiple color options

These drumsticks by Donner are an all-rounder, with their corrosion-resistant maple wood construction that makes them highly resilient, durable, and comfortable. Best known for their waterdrop maple tip, each stick is an extremely lightweight tool. These drumsticks are popular among users because they allow for fast and quiet drumming. The 5A size of these drumsticks makes them a smart choice for beginners. Unlike most drumsticks on our list, these are the only ones that are made of maple – a unique premium-quality, lightweight wood that fights against chipping and performs well with the surface of electronic drums, reducing wrist fatigue.

Why is it special? Our most liked thing about this product is its water droplet-shaped tip that helps produce a high-quality sound. It comes with a carrying bag, which saves you from misplacing them and allows you to keep them secure. Another excellent feature is the non-toxic and odorless nature of these drumsticks that makes the product environmentally friendly.

What are the flaws? Adding a longer taper to enhance the sound further can be a nice touch. Also, vibration control technology would be a huge plus!

Things to Consider

Drummers know that drumming is not just about creating awesome music, but also having a good time while doing it. It is an experience that all musicians should at least get a taste of. However, your instrument and the accessories you use impact your drumming experience a great deal! Therefore, every tiny feature of your drumsticks, such as the shape of the tip and the length of the taper, matters. It either makes your experience an out-worldly one or strains your wrist for the next few days. Our goal is to make you enjoy every second of your drumming, so we bring you this detailed buying guide that will help you make the right decision when looking for the drumsticks for your electronic drums.

Acoustic drumsticks vs. drumsticks for electronic drums

Beginners find it difficult to pick between the various types of drumming sets and drumsticks. Some may feel like they can use any kind of stick for electronic drumming, but this is a wrong approach because you’ll want to get the most of your playing.

Standard acoustic drums have robust surfaces and are designed to make a lot of noise, which is why heavier drumsticks (2B) tend to work better on acoustic drums. On the other hand, electronic drums lack this robust surface, which is why they require lightweight drumsticks (5A, 5B, 7A) that do not damage the drum heads and shells. The volume is affected not just by the force of the player, but also the size and weight of the drumstick. Therefore, heavier drumsticks are not suitable for electronic drums.

Lightweight drumsticks, such as those made of hickory wood or maple wood with a sleek and long shape, work best for electronic drums.

Electronic drums tend to be somewhat fragile compared to acoustic drums. Thus, they are unable to stand the constant harsh lashing of heavy drumsticks. Because of this reason, special drumsticks that are suitable for electronic drums are recommended to achieve the high-quality sound.

How to pick the best drumsticks for electronic drums?

Finding the right drumsticks for electronic drums is important as the wrong kind may damage your set or not produce the desired sound. The best drumsticks for electronic drums help improve your technique and increase playing speed as well. Here, we will look at several factors like the size, weight, material, and shape of the drumsticks that determine how suitable they are for electronic drums. The key point to keep in mind is to look for lightweight drumsticks of sizes preferably, 5A or 7A.


6 Best Drumsticks for Electronic Drums – Get a Suitable Pair for More Control!

This is crucial when it comes to finding the best drumsticks for your electronic drums. The size of the drumsticks refers to the dimensions in terms of length and diameter. Usually, you will find that parameter shown with a number followed by a letter, where the numbers tell the stick’s weight, and the letters represent the diameter.

For example, 2B is a size that is the heaviest when it comes to drumsticks, and using these on electronic drums risks puncturing the drum, so this size is not your best bet. The suitable and lightweight options move from 5B to 5A, 7A, 5AS. Those are most popular among drummers for both acoustic and electronic drums, making these sizes of drumsticks quite versatile. The Promark LA Special 5A Hickory Drumsticks are available in 3 sizes: 5A, 5B, and 7A. All sizes from 5B to 7A are recommended for electronic drums as they are unlikely to cause damage.

Tip shape and material

The tip of a drumstick is an extremely important consideration because the size of the tip’s point of contact with the surface of the drum determines the resulting tone and its brightness. This is also why various drumsticks produce different types of sounds. You will easily notice that between teardrop, acorn, or oval tips.

The best-suited shapes for electronic drumming are teardrop, oval, or barrel styles because they produce low and deep sounds that work perfectly on the padded surfaces.

The material of the tip also affects the sound that a drumstick produces when it hits the surface of your electronic drums. Nylon tips, such as seen with the Zildjian 7A Nylon Anti-Vibe Drumsticks, are more durable than bare wooden ones. They don’t splinter, making them less harsh on your electronic drums. Wooden tips are the oldest kind and produce rich but neutral sounds.

Stick material

The material of the drumstick is an important consideration as it influences the drumming sounds. Wood is a traditional material, which is used widely for making drumsticks to give them classic feel and excellent responsiveness for fast playing. A variety of woods can be used to make drumsticks, the most commonly used ones being hickory, maple, oak, and persimmon.

Oak makes for the hardest and heaviest drumsticks, so it is not suitable for electronic drums. Hickory is lighter than oak and sits extremely well with the surface of electronic drums, especially with a nylon tip for protection, such as seen with the Zildjian 5B Nylon Natural Drumsticks. It is also a winner material for its excellent elasticity.

Maple is the lightest wood and makes for great drumsticks for fast playing, especially on electronic drums. Due to maple’s light weight, there is reduced wrist strain for comfortable prolonged playing. Persimmon, on the other hand, is very dense and heavy, but still suitable for electronic drum sets. The three best materials to look for in drumsticks for electronic drums are essentially hickory, maple, and persimmon.


The shape and design of the drumstick mainly affect the balance. Most players tend to gain good balance after long hours of practice, but the quality of your drumsticks also matters. The Zildjian 5B Natural Nylon Drumsticks are the best for balance because they ensure a firm grip. The long taper of the Vic Firth American Classic eStick is also a shape that reduces wrist fatigue and offers proper balance.

Vibration reduction

6 Best Drumsticks for Electronic Drums – Get a Suitable Pair for More Control!

This is an extra feature that is patented by the brand Zildjian. As you can see from the name, it reduces vibrations that are caused when the tip of the drumstick meets the surface of your drums, so it will not hinder or alter the sound produced. There are some artists who like to have extremely clear and crisp sounds, so they appreciate this feature greatly. The Zildjian 7A Nylon Anti-Vibe Drumsticks is a perfect example of a product with such technology.


The durability is connected directly to how well the drumsticks can withstand heavy punches and long periods of usage. It is mainly determined by the material of the drumsticks and the structure to some extent. Materials, especially natural ones like wood, are long-lasting, considering that all options on our list of the best drumsticks for electronic drums are made from carefully selected premium quality hickory or maple. These drumsticks will not chip after several uses, and they can withstand a harsh playing style.

Most items on our list, including the Zildjian 7A Nylon Anti-Vibe Drumsticks, also have a lacquer finish, which acts as a protective coating that positively impacts durability.

Brands and prices

There is a sea of drumsticks out there and a wide range of manufacturers that produce. But there are only a few trusty brands, so you need to be careful not to be fooled by phony companies that claim to be the best. The most popular and trusted brands in the market are Zildjian, Vic Firth, Promark, and Vater. These brands make high quality, top of the line drumsticks, with well-researched designs to suit your instrument’s unique needs. The prices vary from not just brand to brand but also between models of the same brand. Zildjian drumsticks cost around $15. The American Classic eStick from Vic Firth costs only $10 and has a marvelous design specially adapted for electronic drum sets. Other options can range from $7 up to $15.


All drumsticks may look the same, especially to someone who is not a drummer. But as we discussed earlier, there are some essential characteristics to drumsticks that make them different from each other. Drumsticks for electronic drums are usually made from certain woods like maple and hickory, with carefully shaped tips and sticks and specific sizes (5A, 7A). High-quality drumsticks will last longer and prove to be durable. They will also be lightweight and cause less wrist strain and fatigue. The lightweight nature of good quality and well-protected drumsticks will also keep your electronic drums from getting damaged. Good quality nylon tipped drumsticks also keep the tips from denting.

The first step is to be extremely careful when buying drumsticks for electronic drums. Check for any holes in the wood, any humidity or large stains, and whether the nylon tips are attached securely. After using drumsticks for electronic drums, be sure to keep them in dry and cool areas and avoid humidity and excessive heat. Also, be sure not to keep anything heavy on top of your drumsticks, which might break or crack them. It is also important not to lose one stick from the pair because it is hard to find a single stick. Keep the pair together and wrap a rubber band to keep them close once you’re done using them. Lastly, keep your style in check because drumsticks for electronic drums like 7A drumsticks are delicate and may be damaged if used too harshly.

5A hickory drumsticks are lightweight and easy to handle, with great balance, making them perfect for beginners. Ones with wooden tips are best suited for those just starting out and trying their hand at drumming. 5A drumstick size is a widely used standard size preferred by most players. These standard electronic sticks are highly compatible with all electronic drums. Hickory wood is especially great and preferable over other materials as it helps to reduce hand fatigue. On the other hand, there are no standard drumsticks for professionals, and it depends entirely on the personal preference of the artist. Drumming requirements may also change the type of drumsticks preferred. For example, lightweight maple 5A drumsticks are ideal for fast playing and light sound.

Our Verdict

Finding the right drumsticks for your electronic drum set is extremely important as the wrong ones, like heavy 2A drumsticks, can puncture the surface of your electronic drums. Even though all the items on our list are excellent in terms of performance, durability, balance, and sound, it’s time to take a closer look at our winners.

Our favorite was the Zildjian 7A Nylon Anti-Vibe Drumsticks with its unique vibration absorption technology. This popular set has a lacquer surface coating and a medium taper.

Next, we have the Promark LA Special 5A Hickory Drumsticks for those who need something more affordable to give it a try. The set includes 3 pairs of drumsticks with improved balance and response.

Lastly, the Zildjian 5B Nylon Natural Drumsticks is another competitive option with an oval bead and impressive durability. This option ensures proper grip and marvelous playing experience.

It’s no wonder why we’ve included this product on our list of the best drumsticks for electronic drums.

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